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I Am Giving You A Complimentary Auto Responder Account...


This is awesome...

Would you like to be able to give away an auto responder account to grow your opt in list?

Here's your chance to be able to do it. The money really is in your list!

All you need is a great value offer to give away and your list will grow like crazy...

Click the link below to start generating fr.e.e leads for your business today...…


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Friendly little Photo site

I started Daily Pics the same day i found Ning in March of '07.

i was feed up with photo sites that were flooded with 'snapshots' so i implemented the '6 pics per day' rule to have only the best pics posted.

The result is a site for friendly photo enthusiasts who share and discus their work and help each other improve. Some members have shown tremendous improvement, rewarding for me.

We were site # 53,000 something. All the previous photo… Continue

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A new site called 6dgr

Can you use an extra $2340/month while building your existing business? then this is for you ! FREE Social Network You Will Receive: $4 For Your 1st Level Referrals $3 For Your 2nd Level Referrals $2 for Your 3rd Level Referrals PLUS Monthly Residual This site is like myspace but it pays to make friends.

2 Steps To Join:

1. Join 6dgr by using the link or banner below.

2. Apply for your Free Debit Card to receive your… Continue

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A new site called ZenZuu

It's a site where you can make friends and make money at the same time. The link to sign up with is... Feel free to check it out. After you signed up.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you login to your account 30 times each month to make sure that you are qualified as an Active Rep. To do this you must hit the Logout Button at the top of the site then log back in with your email address and… Continue

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This is a True Blessing in a Recession!

Don't worry if you are already in a Business

this is NOT another Home Based Business

trying to get you to switch your business

This is Simply a Exclusive Membership

to help your family during this recession

by saving TONS of cash on things you are

already buying.We are NOT trying to change

your buying habits.Our Mission is just to offer this Priceless membership to you

as a BLESSING to you and your… Continue

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This is history in the making!



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How do I add all of my networks to this directory

How do I add all of my networks to this directory if I'm using the same information? Does anyone know? I'm not sure if I should sign up 5 more times just to list the 5 others..

Added by Beadeful on September 29, 2008 at 5:41am — 5 Comments

How do I avoid affiliate link hijacking?

Roy, one of my members, made me aware of this and thought I'd share this will all of you. I researched this and found this article that explains it better than I ever could - so will copy and paste it for you. Hope this helps. This is from

I've been reading a lot lately about affiliate link hijacking and link cloaking. Do you recommend any particular link cloaking software or technique and/or are there any particular ones to steer clear of? I saw one 'Covert… Continue

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Building New Worlds with tiny Villages

Building New Worlds , the network, actually started out from a simple shopping trip to see the new halloween decorations that were out in 2002. While I was checking out all the cool new things for that year I found these amazing little buildings for halloween and right away had to have some of them. Three of them ended up in my shopping cart along with a couple of accessory pieces. I went home and set them on my entertainment center. Over the next year or so I added a couple of pieces. Then one… Continue

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Viral Advertising + Web Traffic + Solo Emailing All in ONE...

Viral Advertising + Web Traffic + Solo Emailing All in ONE...


Click here to get Web Traffic Juggernaut


Web Traffic Juggernaut launched on Sep 23 2008 and an amazing 5,000 members have already jumped in--that's no accident or blind luck...

Web Traffic Juggernaut
will generate traffic and advertising for YOU, automatically, and at no cost...but it's more than… Continue

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Purchase my Book Tears of Love - I Am Not A Criminal

Author - Publisher of: (Tears Of Love - "I Am Not A Criminal")

To order my Book; please visit:

Discover the magical world of "Tears of Love - I am not a Criminal" and explore memorable self-realization journeys of a lifetime, prestigiously written to fulfill all dimensions of human emancipation.

About the Book

For the past millenniums, generations engendered generations, ancient civilizations transformed onto modern… Continue

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Stepping Stones on the Journey

A successful business will only be as BIG as you are willing to grow yourself.

I know that may of us have heard this over and over again.

Some people choose to remember that as we take steps across each stone towards our success.

I am one of those people.

I want to share a news story about me so that you can see a little bit of my journey.

Hopefully, I will be able to blog daily about my journey of this incredible industry that I am so proud to be a part of called… Continue

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Where's your money going

It is not surprising that the capitalistic ideals seeded in the UK by the Thatcher regime hand in hand with those good old American boys is now spitting our teeth and nails. What was everyone thinking, years of greed tantamount to insider trading? You've probably already heard the analogies that have been put forward to explain how the people in finance have been creaming the money off. The first step is to force prices down. By using vast amounts of… Continue

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Economic Tsunami Crushing Global Economy

You and I both know that economic situation is getting progressively worse. It's not just effecting the U.S. anymore. European countries and many others are also feeling the crunch. So what can be done? As a home business owner, what can you do to get ahead and prepare for the future? tell 'em Joshua Walker sent ya, Have a listen, hit the green play button. Thanks, Josh- Skype ID Home4Good… Continue

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by miguel westerberg Lately, I have interrogated myself about the reason why, the plastic arts came into such rupture, and for this same reason, I tried to understand it, due to the constants abrupt changes that has happened on these last years and many of us not even has noticed we got into a new period of time, the era of globalization. Many people can ask themselves what globalization have to art and I can assure you that, on my point of view it… Continue

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Description of Ron Price's Blog: Post #2


There are now several hundred thousand readers engaged in parts of my internet tapestry, my literary product, my creation, my immense pile of words across the internet--and hundreds of people with whom I correspond on occasion as a result. This amazing technical facility, the world wide web, has made this literary success possible. If my writing had been left in the hands of the traditional hard and soft cover publishers, where it had been without… Continue

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Description of Ron Price's Blog: Post #1

My literary activity on the world-wide-web is a personal and quite industrious enterprize. When I can find the time, I am engaged in creating across this global internet a tapestry or a jig-saw puzzle of poetry and prose. At this site, readers will find one of my many journals, diaries or blogs. These various terms are used by various internet sites for a series of posts by one writer/author. The series of posts at this site is one of the many parts of this tapestry of prose and poetry I refer… Continue

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Ever done something amazing for someone you don't even know?

I'm building a list of awesome people that are interested in changing the world around them, not just for themselves but for many others also. I would be honored and glad if you joined my friends list. Stay tuned as I will be announcing what it is and how it involves everyone. To give you an idea, it's based on the "pay it forward" concept.



PS for a preview, check out my friend Rick's website.…


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The incredible Power of one (1) can turn the world around.

If after reading this message your not struck with the profundity it contains, read it again a little slower. This is how the power of one will turn the world around, when it's infused by the doer with a

little unconditional love.

Manifesting Your power of one. If you get two people to do the same thing and you check to see for sure that in fact two people have completed this simple task described below, your power of one is become real. Your infinite value to the… Continue

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Pieronymus Art Network on the Ning Blog

The Ning Blog wrote about Pieronymus Art Network:

The Pieronymus Art Network, or PAN, gathers artists from six continents to discuss their craft and just hang out. In many ways, PAN is an elaboration on the interests and talents of its Network Creator,

Pieronymus. For example, Pieronymus is fluent in Hungarian, German, and… Continue

Added by Pieronymus Kosch on September 24, 2008 at 3:45pm — No Comments

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