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Blogcentric Sites - Add "Read More" to Blog Titles - Ning 2.0

If you run a Ning 2.0 site that places the focus on your Blog Module, this is a nice and easy tip. I was visiting a Client's site, and noti…

Started by JenSocial in Ning 3.0Latest Reply

Ning 3.0 Tip - Add Buttons/Links Below Status Update (Quick Links to Add Photos, Posts, Discussions)

Based on a recent request on Ning Creators, in regards to members having a hard time finding the Photo Add button, I have created a script…

Started by JenSocial in Ning Tips & Tricks 3.0Latest Reply

Troubleshooting Your Online Network – Tips and Advice

First Published on May 29, 2015 on Ex Creators You’ve heard me say this time and time again but I can’t stress it enough. No Platform is Bu…

Started by Troy D Bertrand in Ask For Ning Help (Support Questions)Latest Reply

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I want to give you my honest opinion about living in Madrid.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, has drawn people worldwide for its opportunities. However, more individuals are questioning if they can cont…

Started by Evelina in Ning 3.0

0 Aug 30, 2023

Generate A Free Comment Box That Can Be Used With Ning Or Other Sites

Comment Box Generator

Started by in Ning 3.0

0 Jan 15, 2022

Hi Everyone There Is This Great New Comment Box For Ning Sites

This comment box works on all Ning sites and allows your visitors to leave comments without logging in. Enjoy.

Started by in Ning 3.0

1 Jan 15, 2022
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Tucker: Fauci deserves to be under 'criminal investigation' Fox News

 Dr. Fauci has been blasted by and over 100 news networks, and if I may ask, will a criminal investigation go forward.     Tucker: Fauci d…

Started by Henry Massingale in Ning 3.0

0 Oct 6, 2021

Smileys for Ning 3.0 Beta, Free Code!

Here is our port of the very popular jQueryHelp Smileys package, for Ning 3.0! There are well over 300 Ning networks that have our smiley…

Started by TJ @ jQueryHelp in Ning 3.0

4 Feb 5, 2021
Reply by Themes - Rosas Negras


Started by in Ning Tips & Tricks 2.0

1 Dec 26, 2020
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hope for us all

Started by in Ning Tips & Tricks 2.0

0 Dec 26, 2020

Is it Possible to Suppress Top Ad Banner

I have one member who for good reasons has asked for the top ad banner to be hidden on her page. Is there any css that will allow the suppr…

Started by Harringay Online in Ning Tips & Tricks 2.0

3 Dec 26, 2020
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a place of confinement

James Crowfield Joined: 8 Hours Ago felicitygrace Joined: 10 Hours Ago Teesmama Joined: 23 Hours Ago Best Online Shop Joine…

Started by in Ning 3.0

0 Feb 27, 2020

Now you can make your own sound image button in seconds

Follow this link to make your own sound image button in seconds. Free of charge.

Started by in Ning 3.0

0 Feb 27, 2020



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