Ning 3.0 Tip - Add Buttons/Links Below Status Update (Quick Links to Add Photos, Posts, Discussions)

Based on a recent request on Ning Creators, in regards to members having a hard time finding the Photo Add button, I have created a script that will easily add 3 buttons below your Status Share Box. It will add the buttons on the Home Page and the Profile Page. See Image below: (Add Photo, Add Blog Post, Add Forum Discussion)

You will need to check the URLs in the provided script for:

  • Add Photo (Only URL where Member will need to Click again, on Add Photo)
  • Add Blog Post
  • Add Forum Discussion

This code DOES NOT work with the Status Update box in any way. It simply adds 3 quick access buttons/links that will get your member's attention, with quick access to add Photos, Posts, and Discussions.

The buttons automatically pick up your CSS styles from your primary buttons.


  • Edit the attached code OR code below, to reflect the correct URLs for your site.
  • Under Social Site Manager/Custom Code/End of Page Code, add code to bottom Box.
  • Note: The code is also formatted to look nice on any device.

<script type="text/javascript">if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {  x$(".status-container").append('<div align="center" style="margin-top:15px;">
<a class="button button-primary" href="/photos" target="_blank" title="Add Photo">Add Photo</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="button button-primary" href="/profiles/blog/blogpost/new" target="_blank" title="Add Blog Post">Add Blog Post</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class="button button-primary" href="/forum/topics/discussion/new" target="_blank" title="Add Forum Discussion">Add Forum Discussion</a></div>');



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