It is not surprising that the capitalistic ideals seeded in the UK by the Thatcher regime hand in hand with those good old American boys is now spitting our teeth and nails. What was everyone thinking, years of greed tantamount to insider trading? You've probably already heard the analogies that have been put forward to explain how the people in finance have been creaming the money off. The first step is to force prices down. By using vast amounts of money this is not as hard as it sounds. You can redirect the flow by creating "Financial rumours" in the market place. This can cause the price of the stock to falter and then drop. You then buy the stock at its low price. Step2. You then increase the demand for the stock you have purchased, this pushes the prices up. This opens the doorway to sell the stock at well over its original value. When vast amount of monies are involved the profits are in the millions, and in some cases billions. Ontop of this these companies and their managers have consistently given massive bonuses and pay offs to themselves, taking the money out of the system. So what's going on in the USA? Well now they are preparing to get all their citizens to pay for the short fall in cash which was created by this type of trading. The same type of trading that has been going on in the City of London for too many years. Who do you think forced up the prices of houses? Who do you think stands to get your house when you can't afford the mortgage, and finally who's going to get you to pay even more? The government and corporate business sometimes seem a little to close for comfort, on both sides of the pond. Accountability is one word that comes to mind, law breakers, interesting concept, and the question is, whose laws. Who are these laws made for? You? Them? Us? Whilst all the fat cats sit back enjoying the luxuries of their ill gotten gains. The Americans and, eventually you are once again being asked to pay??? What happened to all the TAXES taken from these companies? Where is the investment? Who’s going to pay for all the Olympics? How much are they going to invest in sustainable ecological practices? Or do they prefer the cash flow from the black gold? One thing is for sure there seems at the moment to be neither accountability nor laws to protect the people’s rights.

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