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Early Retirement Ready? The Savings Highway is your road to Financial Freedom

Many of todays full time workers remain confident they'll be able to live comfortably in early retirement, despite a growing amount of evidence to the contrary, as indicated by the latest research.

Consider these numbers from the 2009 Retirement Confidence Survey released in April 2009 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and Mathew Greenwald & Associates Inc.:

* Three of four workers report that they and/or their spouses…


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Submission Guidelines for "Street Smarts: An Anthology of Urban Survival Strategies"

There’s a New Anthology in the works…

Call for Manuscripts: Street Smarts… The deadline for submissions has been extended to December 31, 2009.

Louis Reyes Rivera and Bruce George, co-editors of the critically acclaimed The Bandana Republic, are now accepting submissions for their latest effort, Street Smarts: An Anthology of Urban Survival Strategies.

Street Smarts is another literary first, this one focusing on the urban working class and the ability to enhance… Continue

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A place for model's, designer's, artist's & more DOWNLOAD UPLOAD SHARE & other goodies For members!!!! so JOIN NOW


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Less Than A Minute

Now YOU can make BIG MONEY every time somebody drinks one! Get a FREE WEBSITE right now! Share With Others.• In less than a minute, you can get your FREE website and all the facts. • Exclusive 10-Minute "Viper Money" Video Inside. • Be one of the first to launch Crave Energy Drink and make the most money. • Pre-Position yourself at the top of the impending explosion in sales. • Be the first to know any breaking news. • Timing can be everything! Grab… Continue

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Alien God's From Hyperdimensions

There is nothing so powerful as the truth, and nothing so strange.

— Daniel Webster (1782-1852)


In honor of Former President John F. Kennedy Jr.


What I would like to blog about and share with you is nothing new to modern thinking. The theory or phenomenon that our origins and creation has appeared… Continue

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Food For Thought....

Food for thought... 320 lbs is nearly 23 stone or just over 145 kilos. The question is, what does a 320 pound woman look like? Now, before you look at her pictures, get a mental image of what you think a woman who weighs 320 looks like...

Not what you were expecting??!! The tallest and biggest woman in the world lives in Holland She is 7' 4" and weighs 320lbs… Continue

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Ave Hurley Illustrations' Featured Artists Network on Ning is helping artists to promote & sell their art online~!

I am making this resource available to ALL artists who wish to sell and promote their art online without any costs. Lets face it, most of us artists have limited computer skills and less promotional skills~ Anyway after compiling my research and testing the market with my own art, I have sold over 300 works of art in the last 2 years online in the places I am sharing here. I did join many of the POD sites where I had to pay an annual fee and found they didnt really increase my sales… Continue

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I'm an Artist Helping Other Artists Online to Promote & Sell their Art~ [free on my ning site]


Sunset of Hope"~

by AveHurley

This is my latest digital painting!

Completed on Aug 1st~

Released only this month~!

Now its already for sale on my site

PLUS it is for sale on Imagekind, Fine Arts America, Etsy and on my auctions sites~!

DO YOU Want to find out how you can show and sell your art all over the internet, without… Continue

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Now accepting Layout Requests!!!

Have a special request for your personal Ning page?

Want a new theme but can't quite find what you are looking for?

Click Here To Make a Request!

Request Guidelines

If you are looking for a custom design for your Ning Network you may…

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Dear Members + Owners of Nin-Networks

i got a friends request today from the following Spammer:

Jen Thomas has added you as a friend on U N I V I S I O N S

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this is. Im recommending this to everyone, check out this guys google blog

yesterday he also requested to come in to my network I CHOOSE LOVE but he did not…

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Mall Madness Summer Savings Event

We’re going mad with our Mall Madness Summer Savings just for YOU at our vendor party at the

Online Shopping Mall. Come on over and have some fun and games. Our Mall Vendors/Service Providers have been rendered delirious by the searing late summer heat! NOW is the time to take advantage of their "Mall Madness Summer Savings!" You will receive a Free gift from the mall with purchase the night of our vendor party.… Continue

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is called for anyone really :) so please join if you would like to :)

God Bless


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A unque network that features all types of music. from the top 20 pop hits to jazz. from hiphop to classical. If it's music, it's on NATHAN'S WORLD OF MUSIC

Visit NATHAN'S WORLD OF… Continue

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A website dedicated to all things horror and the people that created it. If it's scary, spooky or down right frightenningm you'll find it on THE DARKER SIDE OF NING. So join me, if you dare

Visit THE DARKER SIDE OF… Continue

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Paranormal Discussion Forum Please Join Us!

Visit… Continue

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The Pure Nature of Music in Bad Essen

There are not so many Overtone Festivals in Europe. You can listen in Prague (Czech), Lund (Sweden), Schwaz (Austria), Dresden (Germany) and - in Barkhausen (Germany) - one day long various artists how they are singing overtones, harmonics and diphonic music. This year the event in Schwaz was cancelled. More than this the festival day in Barkhausen was very sucessful. Where is Barkhausen? It's in a beautiful landscape - the first mountain, if you…

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An excerpt from "Just a Season" - "Granddaddy’s Lessons" - POWERFUL...

A few months ago I posted this excerpt from my novel "Just a Season". I received a very special heartfelt request from a devoted follower asking me to repost “Granddaddy’s Lessons”. Although she calls herself “a fan of my thoughts,” I call her my friend. Therefore, I am honored to repost this message that I feel delivers a powerful message and I hope it will enlighten, empower, motivate, and touch your heart as well.

Today we live in a world where there is no more Granddaddy to share… Continue

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Queen Jackie's Creations

Just started my own network and just trying to get members over there :)
I design Ning Themes,Myspace Layouts and Graphics
I also take reguest I charge nothing unless you want to donate thats fine also
come on over and join my network

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Great news to the whole world today!!!!!

Great news to the whole world today!!!!!

Read 2 Timothy 3 chapter verses 1-5 verses

II Chronicles 2:14

God has been dealing with me for some time now about the times we are living in. 2 Timothy says that in the last days perilous times shall come. That means that we are living in dangerous times. The bible tells us that we are going to be lovers of our own selves. People are loving themselves and loving pleasure more than the things of God. People are putting God's work last and… Continue

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Time Ticker Check out the time where ever you are in the world Just simply slide the grey line across the map

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