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Sunset of Hope"~

by AveHurley

This is my latest digital painting!
Completed on Aug 1st~
Released only this month~!
Now its already for sale on my site
PLUS it is for sale on Imagekind, Fine Arts America, Etsy and on my auctions sites~!
DO YOU Want to find out how you can show and sell your art all over the internet, without costing you any money?

Join my Supergroups and use the links to connect you all over the web!
I want to introduce you to my new : SuperGroups directory that will help you show, promote and sell your art online~!!! No fees involved~ no gimmicks, just focus on your art and use
SuperGroups to portal you into places online where you can advertise, show and sell your art all over the web~
This resource is FREE and because my site is a site I made for selling my art and while doing so, I have developed it into a network by an artist for artists and believe that you will be successful there, unlike any other ning site, my site is interconnected to many sites for cross promotions on art alone~!!
Typical Professional Advertising online can be way out of reach for most artists as there are many agencies out there all wanting your money before doing anything for you and then even with paying them there is no guarantee it will yield any sales.They may have the programs to hook you up to many places but they charge alot of money and have no guarantees~ I have been learning how to do it myself and am now sharing what I have learned with any other artists needing help~! There are ways to
cross promote, gain internet traffic and meet possible buyers as well as there are ways to direct traffic to your shops and auctions, partially by blogging but also by knowing where to post ads and blogs for maximum exposure and results...
I am showing other artists how to show and sell more effectively online.My website is set up with many resources and organized in ways you wont find on any other ning~! Its new and innovative and has things you can do there instead of just posting a pic and waiting for a response~!! You can take your pictures all over the web through my site and it will take your time but not your money as the services are FREE~
While I am not an ad agency or commercial promotions company,
I have been finding my way around the internet and have learned alot over the last few years, specific to showing and
selling my art online and I have developed my website to include alot of hidden resources that will help any artist at no matter what computer skill level to be able to advertise and sell their art without having to pay for it as so many sites charge for these services and yet dont guaranty any sales..
My Featured Artists Network is interactive and links to many sites that instead of spinning your wheels by continually posting pics and looking for comments or paying ad agencies or other galleries, you can actually advertise your art to the world community and reach those seeking to buy art and show them what you got~
Join my group today as it is emerging into what is sure to become the 'MySpace for Arts" on the world wide web as it is growing fast, with alot of internet traffic leading to places that will get results~!
Its an open site and you will find
Squidooportals and more to many places that will help you in selling your art online without having to pay fees.
Most resources are manual - in that you can customize them to your needs.You do not have to be a computer expert to navigate my site or use its resources. I am there too to help you along the way. While
Ave Hurley Illustrations' Featured Artists Network is geared to promoting artists who want more exposure and sales, it is also social and you can learn more there without all the hype and come ons that other sites have. You can learn the ins and outs of effectively selling online~

You dont have to pay to sell on my site and you can learn how to list on sites such as:




IT IS ALSO NOW ON my auction sites like:


Webidz and more that allow you to relist free to sell your art without paying any fees for items that dont sell and only a small % fee on sold items~ There are stores online that allow you to sell your art and you will receive royalties $$ and never have to pay out of pocket for anything~
I also randomly endorse and advertise my members artworks all over the web~ I do this because as I want to sell my art, others want to sell theirs and we can all cross promote and reach a wider audience~ Buyers will buy what they want and want variety of choices.. Providing those choices helps all of us~!!
Best of Success to us all~! Ave
http://www.squidoo.com/ave-hurley [SOME OF MY PROMOTIONAL ADS]

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Comment by ArtRave.com on August 18, 2009 at 12:35am
I figured I was working online for almost 3 years testing and trying out various sites to sell my art at and with the results I have that my struggle could help other artists to bypass some of the dead ends and use the sites that I was able to sell at and promote at that made a difference and were either free to use altogether or had very small % on paid items only~ So I am now sharing it all on my site and also have been redesigning my site to have similar features to the paid ones out there so artists on ning can get ahead~! along with me~ It isnt about competition Its collaborations and joining forces to present a site to viewers that buyers will want to come to as well~! :) Ave


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