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Custom Ning Designs

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Deals For Dining

Sure, your expense account (and your personal entertainment budget, for that matter) has been cut, but your clients don't need to know that. You can still afford to treat them and a deserving employee or two to a nice meal – and meet your girlfriends for a bite after work. Your secret, Tastefully Simple

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Why Do Business People Do Business On Net?

Entrepreneurs explore the world of internet to do business. Since there are millions of people who use internet, they urged to find their way in to obtain clients for more profits.

Here are some reasons why business people are continuously growing.

Internet users interact with others using social networking, forums, questions and answer and chat websites. With the use of these… Continue

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Company Formation Service In UK

Millions of internet users are available on net daily. They search for things that interest them. They play games that made them feel relaxed. They gain friends from social networks. Most of entrepreneurs build their network online. They produce big sales from the people who use the net daily. Some provide their own services to be recognized and noticed. So if you want to be on top of the line, build and promote your business… Continue

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imikimi - Customize… Continue

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hey gang i want to let you know

the last couple of days yahoo has been having issues and i keep getting a error 999 code. when I contacted them it said something about a lot of activity with 3rd party servers/ programs. since I am not a member of grouply or anything like that I got concerned about ning. I have had to change my settings at all my sites I am a member of and even my own site so emails are not being sent to my yahoo addy from here anymore. I was really getting overwhelmed by a couple of hundred emails from ning… Continue

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Using Sexuality is Not Porn.

It is interesting to me that we are effected so dramatically by our background, media and social restraints that a women's sexuality, sensuality is still misunderstood. Now I'm not one to watch 60 minutes as a real source of educated and informed opinion, but forgetting to turn the channel meant that in the… Continue

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1. Speak only words of truth.

2. Speak only of the good qualities of others.

3. Be a confidant and carry no tales.

4. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all.

5. Waste not the bounty, and want not.

6. Honor the light in all. Compare nothing;… Continue

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Mysticmoons in the news

I wanted to update you on whats going on over on Mysticmoons! We just started a Ladies only group and called it The Ladies Room. Its for all of you Ladies topics that we just need to vent! Nothing is off limits and we can chat about anything! We made it by approval only and we are getting a great turn out!

We are in need of Military service men and woman curently deployed for our group we are forming for Adopt a Soldier group. We can send out letters and even care packages for those… Continue

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Virtual Assistant Are Needed By Business Owners To Save More

Virtual assistants have the opportunity to work anywhere even far from their employers. Many business owners are looking for home based online workers. Most of these are the Virtual Assistants. If you are a virtual assistant and looking for jobs, be resourceful.

Here's a list on where you can ask for virtual assistant jobs.

*Virtual Assistant… Continue

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imikimi… Continue

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More Promotional Help For You and Your Business


I want to personally invite you to my Apsense business social network.

It's the ONLY social network where you can promote your business and

get paid at the same time! Isn't that the smartest idea since high

speed Internet?

By accepting this invitation you can get targeted and instant exposure

to your business absolutely free and get paid!

See where thousands of small businesses go to get results:

The website address… Continue

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Leaks Patched Full Optimization Ahead

Finally fixed the last of the memory leaks in the game so its full steam ahead on the optimization. I've been working on packing vertexes and aligning them so they fit in the cache which is being used in this screenshot:

Above is a shot of the first level in the game (will's room) with the FPS up in the upper left. I'm working on skinned instancing now so I will post another shot so you can see the improvement in the number :). FYI FPS is Frames… Continue

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We cordially invite you to join our family.

I would like to introduce a very special social community that is giving and is close to my heart. It is for a group of people…


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imikimi - Customize Your… Continue

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Headphones can interfere with heart devices

Headphones can interfere with heart devices

Headphones from iPods

or other digital music players

may damage hearing, but music lovers who have

a pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator

are better off keeping them in their ears.

A small, new study revealed that placing

the ubiquitous ear buds or other headphones too

close to the chest could interfere with the proper

functioning of the devices used to keep

hearts beating at… Continue

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Living Better ~ Healthy lifestyle

Living Better ~ Healthy lifestyle

A healthy person doesn't smoke, doesn't use drugs and alcohol, is at a healthy weight, eats healthy and does exercises.

It's necessary I do a reminder about the red wine. Several sources have show that the ancients red wine benefic effects to the heart aren't in the red wine, the benefits are found in the grape fruits (One of these studies was made in Brazil, from a colleague mine in the INCOR-USP, traditional Cardiologic Hospital Center… Continue

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Medical Transcription Services For MT Jobseekers

Medical transcription services are continuously growing. Skilled MT online workers who have the experience and training are needed by these companies. With its continuous growth, many are willing to pursue this kind of career.

If you are qualified for MT position, you can apply. Don't apply if you didn't meet… Continue

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my twitter id

for all my friends in ning space my twitter id is rowanoaklady
tweet tweet tweet come follow me

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Because I care about you,

Enjoy LIFE

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