the last couple of days yahoo has been having issues and i keep getting a error 999 code. when I contacted them it said something about a lot of activity with 3rd party servers/ programs. since I am not a member of grouply or anything like that I got concerned about ning. I have had to change my settings at all my sites I am a member of and even my own site so emails are not being sent to my yahoo addy from here anymore. I was really getting overwhelmed by a couple of hundred emails from ning sites and people sending invites everyday. But until this started happening I was not concerned. It was getting very difficult to even access my email. Well even though I have been able to fairly well clear off my emails at yahoo, now I haver to be concerned that they might decide to stop letting me have internet access at all because of a possible tos violation and they are my isp. So I've changed things so i'm no longer getting emails and dropped out of some sites that weren't appropriate for me after all. But I wanted to let you know that if my yahoo addy suddenly goes down and I have to find a new isp I will try to revive Light under a new addy. I do know ning has been banned from at least one other website but its not an isp site so I don't know what is happening, only that there is weird issues at yahoo right now. will try to keep you posted if it turns out to effect ning after all I have done to try and prevent it

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Comment by Light of the Ascension Dream on July 27, 2009 at 6:37pm
I changed my email addy from my yahoo addy to my hotmail one which should hopefully put an end to any issues yahoo is having. this should protect my site from suddenly going down because yahoo stops beung my isp


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