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Sweet Friends 4-30-10

Hello my beautiful friend, I wish you a wonderful weekend of love, laughter, peace and joy. Blessings & Pure Energy coming your way, Melodie

Ataga'hi, The Enchanted Lake

A Cherokee Legend

Westward from the headwaters of Oconaluftee river, in the wildest depths of the Great Smoky mountains, which form the line between North Carolina and Tennessee, is the enchanted lake of Ataga'hi. (Gall place)

Although all… Continue

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Jose Mourinho and Loius Van Gaal: Can football separate a Siamese twin?

I have a crystal ball which has been simply magical for years. Just a faint glance, I knew Manchester United will beat Chelsea at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and after an uncomfortable 5 minute stare last year, Barcelona 3, United 1 popped up. Okay the Moscow match ended 2 – 0 in favour of the Catalonia football team. This season I had trusted it, but silently convinced it was becoming faulty. Madrid over Lyon was going to be a walk in the park it said,… Continue

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Why Inter Milan’s game at Nou Camp is a perfect Match for Jose Mourinho

A lot of lads would give a lot to be called the special one, but for Jose Mourinho that tag comes naturally, which is easily linked to his achievements on the pitch. The maverick of rare and distinctive hue is too often portrayed as cagey in his tactics and in some quarters, just blatantly negative. Interestingly, it is quite easy to accept these conclusions whenever you watch a football team guided by Jose Mourinho, because the singular trait that shines… Continue

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The game of football without referees!

Yea, they no longer wear black, but you can tell that to my bigoted memory of what they use to look like when I was a child. I just can't see a different color and that is not even my grudge. The men in black are by a galactic distance the new show in town. With the likes of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney reaching into their huge hats of tricks and pure soccer artistry weekly, we, I mean everyone of you out there, could be forgiven for assuming for so long, almost an… Continue

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Why could the American Health Reform be helpful to internet marketers as well?

Health reform in America, and
why something needs

to be done urgently.

Full article at


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Supplanting Shark Myths with Useful Information

Much of what most people know about sharks are in fact, false. This

article is based on various scientific research and other shark articles

written by people who study sharks.

Myth #1: Shark Attacks are Common

Shark attacks are quite rare.


Fact Stats

Myth #2: Sharks Have Poor Vision

Sharks' eyes, which are equipped to distinguish colors, employ a lens… Continue

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Blue or Red: Barclay’s battle of the primary colors

Chelsea’s 7 – 0 thrashing of miserable Stoke City has added to the juicy cliff hanger that has been in prospect for weeks. The blues’ virtuoso performance dimed any hint of nerves just 24 hours after Manchester United climbed to the top of the English premier league for the eighth time. They were clinical in style and mechanically efficient. Kalou’s hat trick, a brace from the Lampard (twentieth of the season!) and singletons from both Sturridge and Malouda ensured a comprehensive victory that… Continue

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Why 3 million submissions can make a difference for you as well?

More than 3 million submissions to search engines, directories and

indexes sounds a lot. In the same respect, and in today's online

advertising and marketing it is essential to have an edge over your

competitors. This service alone costs individuals more than your entire

annual membership fee with us.

All to the benefit of our members, we just signed a contract with one of the largest online submission

services established since 2001. Full article about all… Continue

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Ebay Auctions now delivered to your Facebook Fans and Friends automatically

Netcarnation has just added support for Ebay auctions on Facebook. Check it out and let me know what you think !



Developer, Netcarnation

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Why you want to know about online article writing?

Rolls Royce of article writing,
article at

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Marriage and the Economy---Can’t Buy Me Love

The other day I heard a report on the economy where the new jobs created numbers were being reported. Everyone was excited about the 162,000 jobs that had been created even though the unemployment rate had not dropped and the majority of the jobs being talked about were temporary and seasonal. The census helped 2010 in a temporary way. This news was very distributing to me. So distributing that I sat down and… Continue

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QUESTION: What is this NING THING really?

Hello friends,

I have been reading a few of the latest comments from Ning Network Creators on the latest blog from Ning in regards to charges to stay up and running with their sites.

The is a possibility that Ning could be in danger of going boost so a couple of people mention...but the general feeling is this that Ning and the Creators are facing...which I think stepping back is interesting.

1. Ning wants to charge for use of their Network to generate… Continue

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How To Get Your Files

Just so ya know...

Network owners "should be" able to use their "Network Places" on their computers to access their networks[s] on Ning by dialing into it. [just type in the address] Normally, you'd sign in with your Ning Network info, then just grab all the files, just like when you access your c-panel on a normal website space, and access the file section.

IF, in doing that, you find it won't let you in, request a "support order" through Ning to turn on your access to do… Continue

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Health/Hygiene issue exposed

Health professionals agree:
Why men should wash their hands first!
Full article at:

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Free Network Alternatives

Don't Want To Pay For Your Network?

Some Alternatives

If you own a network and you fear having to pay for it's infrastructure in the near future, it would be only natural to look for alternatives. But where can you get a quick overview of some popular formats? It just so happens that we offer an overview of hundreds of free clubs on free network infrastructures that you can visit at the click of a mouse so you can quickly assess their possibilities. We also offer… Continue

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Join The Paranormal & Occult Universe

Hi my name is Rita I go by the Username Ajna and I'm a Professional Psychic Reader, Numerologist and Reiki Healer. I offer classes on Tarot/Numerology and Usui Reiki 1 Course on my network.

We are an Ad-FREE network with Premium features.

Members are welcome to offer readings or request for readings, healings & prayers. I'm currently giving Free Numerology Readings & Photograph Readings in our Forum.

We have a very diverse subject Forum with… Continue

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Update From Ning's Vice President of Advocacy


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Move Your eCommerce to 'The Cloud' for Sales, Economy, SEO, Compliance

Taking advantage of Cloud Computing on the Internet can save your firm money, increase your sales, Enhance your position with the search engines, and help your compliance posture all in one fell swoop.

Moving your operations to 'the cloud' means taking advantage of off-site processing resources while enhancing security and compliance, and economizing on… Continue

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Why don't men wash their hands before they do it?

Why don't men wash their hands before they do it?

Global male hygiene issue exposed!
Full article at


Added by Toni Schaberick on April 17, 2010 at 11:28pm — 3 Comments

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