QUESTION: What is this NING THING really?

Hello friends,

I have been reading a few of the latest comments from Ning Network Creators on the latest blog from Ning in regards to charges to stay up and running with their sites.

The is a possibility that Ning could be in danger of going boost so a couple of people mention...but the general feeling is this that Ning and the Creators are facing...which I think stepping back is interesting.

1. Ning wants to charge for use of their Network to generate income.
2. A lot of Network Creators don’t want to pay
3. Most members are not willing to pay for membership or donate towards up keep for the services they are getting

So at the moment to many this a big up roar!

But...hmm...what is REALLY going on here I ask myself?

What are we as a Ning community really saying???

I can understand from a business point of view for Ning that they want to make more money. The fact that they plan (so it was said) to down size their staff by to start charging for their service, it would appear that there is a cash flow issue... and they feel that perhaps this is a solution to salvage what they have already...and perhaps take it to a higher level over time.

Network creators who have made use of Ning sites are feeling threaten because they fear they may lose their networks and hard investments in their time, work, materials, skills, energy and connections they have been building over the last 3-4 yrs.

In this time of financial crisis for extra cost upon them is simply too much to bear...and some of these people would have 5 or more networks on the go for various reasons and purposes. In their case it would indeed be a very costly affair. They understandably care about their investments and want to salvage them from going under.

For both NING and ning Creators....who have provided loving and willingly FREE SERVICE over the years...maybe be questioning themselves. Shall we work for others and pay to do it when we need as well at this moment?

Would the members pay to work on their jobs?

This is just another view of it... of course as for most Creators the chance to make a difference in people lives is enough in payment of their time, energy and support...but now we are being asked to give our resources as well...?

If anyone is to give the most out of this, it is the Creators because they do not get paid from anyone as it stands but they give a lot regardless...shall we continue to feel its worth it?

The members of Ning Networks (the silent by standees in this price war) are the benefactors in this game for the most part. Most members are have a page on several different Ning networks due to the way Ning used to have an "Oneness" network system. God only knows how many members are on Ning Networks collectively...however whatever the number is it seems the percentage is low in those who are willing to pay or donate fees to continue.

Some of the members fear it would be costly for them to do so...and they feel they can't afford to pay to be on all the networks that they are members on...and to pick one of them seems to be perhaps stressful.

Other members are simply not moved to pay or donate and is willing to say "good bye" if that is where it is going.

SO...generally speaking everyone WANTS it to continue but few feel it is worth enough to fund it.

I would imagine NING is hoping that creators think it is worth it and pay the cost in order for them to stay afloat.

I would imagine that the Creators are hoping members feel what is offered is worth it and lend some support whether it be donations, membership fees or just appreciation for having a free network.

I would imagine members would feel that Creators think it’s worth it and continue to provide the services that we benefit from... even if it means paying the cost to continue their networks.

We are all hoping someone else FEEL it is WORTH it...but I wonder what we feel individually?

This is just yet another opportunity from Divine Spirit upon humanity on the subject of support, generosity, appreciation and worthiness to learn...or to show that we have learnt this wonderful lesson and now we are in the position to put it to practice. The Law of Exchange of worth and services.

At the end of the is my belief that people will find a way to get and achieve anything they feel is worth it or is important to them... no matter what!

If you don’t believe me, just look around you. Look at yourself even :)

Everything you have IS important or worth having to you...and you are in the process of getting more.

I'll leave this posting is just something to perhaps consider for a moment... to take a real look at the hopes to spark up a flame of clarity.

So what do you think???

Love you much!

Morningmoon *XXX*

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Comment by Venus over Pan on April 21, 2010 at 10:00am
Thank you ESS :)

I agree with you as well. It is time for us to use our Heart Energy to see our way through for the benfit of us all. This is where we are heading...this is the true New Age in real time.

Love you much my friend... always *XXX*
Comment by Earth SonSpirit on April 21, 2010 at 9:52am
Venus Over Pan... you have stated the "issues at hand" quite well - and in that sense, provided great clarity to the dilemma which we are all experiencing, in one way or another.

Energetically, the issue across the board is an even exchange of energy (giving and receiving - ebb and flow).

I know what it is like to be a Ning Creator - where I have invested my time, talent and treasure (mostly "sweat equity") at "no charge" in the spirit of giving. Not looking to receive, but leaving the door open for those who are led to contribute. I also know what it is like to be a member of more than a few Ning communities - who have provided (more or less) the same energy which I have for "free" - also receiving little in return (other than personal satisfaction for the output of creative expression).

Very rarely do we look at the issue, from the point of view of "the service provider" (Ning) - who has "given for free" - very sophisticated state-of-the-art tools, for online for global networking - for several years. And now, that it is not feasible for them to continue "their give-away" - we, who are the users (takers) get upset - because we are asked now, to give something back in return.

When someone provides a service (and in this case, a great service), should we not be willing to provide something in return? It is part of the Universal Law of Rhythm. People, please visit my blog, The Art Of Conscious Giving. It's time that we learn how the universe operates.

Thanks again, Venus Over Pan!


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