Don't Want To Pay For Your Network?

Some Alternatives

If you own a network and you fear having to pay for it's infrastructure in the near future, it would be only natural to look for alternatives. But where can you get a quick overview of some popular formats? It just so happens that we offer an overview of hundreds of free clubs on free network infrastructures that you can visit at the click of a mouse so you can quickly assess their possibilities. We also offer software solutions to help you to maintain control of your data. Here are some alternative solutions to assess:

Assesment Option 1:Alternative Social Media

Are you looking for a new free platform? On our site you'll find the Connect & Share Menu. By pressing any of the buttons a Business Club on a popular alternative site is opened allowing you to quickly assess the possibilities of that particular Social Site's infrastructure.You can do the same from the menu in the My Social Media box on the home page or from the My Social Media Page. In fact the top menu in this section contains hundreds of alternative groups and sites that you can visit.In addition you can find more info on these sites in our Social Media Clubs.

Assesment Option 2:Build and Control Your Own Site

Visit our brand new Store, to assess the possibilities of The HOB eCommerce Manager software to build your own site including memberships, affiliate memberships, social media posting, blogging, custom CSS, storefront and more. When owning your own site, you can never be taken of guard again by policy changes of platform owners.The HOB eCommerce Manager includes an import facility to upload all your existing members.

Assesment option 3: Start a Group on someone elses site

When you visit our Business Club section, you'll find it contains many groups started by members. A proces that can be as short as thirty seconds. Business Club Owners have the added benefit on our site that they are featured. Maintaining a group leaves the network owner i.e. The HOB.Biz to deal with infrastructure policies, so you don't have to worry about it. Start a Business Club Now!

Assesment Option 4: Keep All your Contact and Communication Data in One Place

When a network or it's provider cease to exist, a lot of data is lost to the user. have a system in place that contains a record of all your email, and other interactions online as well as detailed contact information, and all your online files in all formats.With The HOB Networker PRO and/or The HOB Office Manager you can have just that: a permanent interlinked record of your communications and contacts as well as ways to make networking more efficient and fun.

Assesment Option 5: Earn Money With Your Site

With our Ambassador Program you get the possibility to earn revenue allowing you some financial space to pay for any price-increases. Our brand new store offers some significant introductory discounts on many relevant solutions. You can sign up here.

These are just some of the many solutions to this particular problem, we could help you with.If you want to discuss more options or related problems: add a comment to this post or contact us directly at:

Job Folbert

Team the HOB.Biz

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