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About Guiding Angels Ministries

About Guiding Angels Ministries- Description of Organization: Guiding Angels Ministries is not for profit offering spiritual counseling, domestic violence referral services, domestic violence abuse support groups. All calls are confidential and there is no fee for services.

Mission: Guiding Angels Ministries mission is to alleviate domestic violence by breaking the cycle of violence by providing a secure and safe place for all victims of domestic violence to come and find the help… Continue

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Temple of Our Lady Of the Moon New Pages and Content!

People will notice some new changes to the site. First off...I changed the name of the main page to "Home". Second we now have subtabs...Forum, Members, Blogs, and Groups are now joined together in their own tabs within the Forum section. New to the site Mission Statement...If you have any suggestions for added content...please feel free to email me.

Temple of Our Lady of the Moon now has blogtalkradio! While I will not be doing any shows yet I wanted to add this exciting feature… Continue

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Domestic Violence Is Anti-Discriminatory!

Domestic Violence is anti-discriminatory! It affects people from all walks of life. It comes in many forms. Domestic Violence does not care if you are single, married, old, young, employed or unemployed. If affects everyone. Most people are not even aware they’re being abused. Physical abuse is only one form of DV, and most people believe this is the only form.

Here are other forms of Domestic Violence and abuse, and their warning signs.


Verbal… Continue

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How a Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic

How a Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic

Being a very analytical and left brained person, I have always lived my life having to have proof of things. It has been very difficult for me to wrap my mind around such things as ghosts, spirits, psychic ability, or the ability to heal by touch. I had seen people get scammed by psychics and the like. Once, a friend purchased a psychic reading for me. I reluctantly went along with the reading. I came out of it thinking that it was an… Continue

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The Ning Network ~ www.musicforrelief.org ~ download to donate for Haiti

Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, Slash, The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Kenna, Enrique Iglesias and Lupe Fiasco team up with Music For Relief to aid earthquake victims.

Mastered by Brian Gardner…

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5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For a Business Or Executive Coach

As a business or executive coach assisting clients with work/life balance issues, it's important that you walk the talk of wise time management. Since you most likely suggest clients delegate more tasks to their staff and utilize their time effectively, it's essential that you do the same. Using a virtual assistant is one way to model effective management for your own clients. Below are 5 tasks you can easily delegate to a Virtual Assistant which will allow you to generate additional revenue… Continue

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Are Great Vacations Possible When Money is Tight? An Honest Look at LGN Prosperity/Travel


Are great vacations still possible even in our depressed economy? The company, LGN Travel asserts the answer is yes. The purpose of this article is to reveal details of their 10 discount travel packages, which can only be obtained by members and otherwise cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.

It is now January 2010 and much of the Northern Hemisphere is in a deep freeze. Here in Oklahoma, USA, where I live, we are having the coldest winter in… Continue

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Insurance Marketing Sales

I suppose that introductions are in order... I'm a Texan by birth, but I've lived in Seattle most of my life. Yeah, for some reason, my parents got tired of the sun and warmth of Texas and opted for the clouds and rain of western Washington state. But it's not all bad. It's very green here, and neither the winters nor the summers are overly oppressive as other parts of the country. And freelancers like me are everywhere here. In fact, it seems to be a lifestyle choice.

Yes, for my… Continue

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Fraud Alert by FBI

Washington D.C. FBI National Press Office (202) 324-3691

For Immediate Release January 13, 2010

The FBI today reminds Internet users who receive appeals to donate money in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti to apply a critical eye and do their due diligence before responding to those requests. Past tragedies and natural disasters have prompted individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization and/or a… Continue

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From the Ning Blog: Helping Haiti

Posted by Peter Slutsky on January 14, 2010 – 11:00 am

Helping Haiti


The reports out of Haiti are devastating. As the world scrambles to funnel resources, aide and money into the region, we wanted to make sure that our community knew how they can get involved today to help with the relief efforts. Below are some links that will…


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let´s watch SQUA.RE TV


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HBC's Total Access - Bringing Our Communities Together!

Hey Everyone,

In case you didn't get it, last night I sent a broadcast letting everyone know about something that is going on that is going to create a buzz in the ning world! Now, we are Live! There will still be some tweaking to do as we go along, but we are ready to go! Many of your favorite communities are on board with many more to come.

Introducing HBC Total Access...

If you missed the broadcast, please read:

"Hope you all are having an awesome… Continue

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Haiti Earthquake Recovery - Links & Code

I located what I believe are 3 very reliable organizations, and the links for donating funds to help support the

Haiti Earthquake Recovery Efforts. I added this code to a text box on our home page. If you would like to use the same code,

feel free. Just copy/paste the code below, to a text box on your Ning Network.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Please donate via the…

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Rescue Dogs Are Waiting, How One Little Lady Rescued Herself


Rescue dogs are patiently waiting for some one to adopt them. Rescue dogs are truly the way to go when acquiring a pet. Read about one who gave up waiting and rescued herself.

The storm raged outside but did not bother us, as we were all snuggled inside with our two dogs, Cimi and Grumbles, which you may learned about in previous articles. Suddenly, my granddaughter, Serina, said, “look gramma, there is a dog at our window”. The little dog had her paws on the… Continue

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Dining Out Discounts and Savings, A Review of the Savings Highway

Article Summary

Dining out is something that many people have found necessary to forgo in our present economy. This review of the Savings Highway will reveal that by means of various restaurant discount coupons, dining out may not be as expensive as one might think. This in combination with other saving money tips, visiting restaurants may still be an option for those who enjoy this past time.

Most people love dining out, but in this economy many can no longer… Continue

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What is My Blogs Name Unique Opportunity!!

Market, Network and Advertise Your Business 2010 Get ahead and learn how.................

Does your business need: More Exposure? More Sales? More Income?

Then let me share how you can market and advertise your business for much less with more return.

Learn how to improve the life of businesses by showing you a way to save money and earn money by joining a Group Advertising.

What Is My Blogs Name is a different concept than a normal a… Continue

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DCM Connectionz speak on Million Dollar Beatz

Follow http://twitter.com/CBAKERDONTPLAY

Follow http://twitter.com/dcmconnectionz

DCM CONNECTIONZ Live w/ Million Dollar Beatz…


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Celebrate the New Year with a concert by The Stahlquartett Dresden

Stahlquartett Dresden mit Jan Heinke Stahlquartett Dresden live in Prague - Photo by © Jens Mügge

Wolfgang Saus posted just two weeks ago about an upcoming concert with Jan Heinke and the Stahlquartett Dresden. If you haven't heard this concert in the WDR3 Radio you can…

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