How a Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic

Being a very analytical and left brained person, I have always lived my life having to have proof of things. It has been very difficult for me to wrap my mind around such things as ghosts, spirits, psychic ability, or the ability to heal by touch. I had seen people get scammed by psychics and the like. Once, a friend purchased a psychic reading for me. I reluctantly went along with the reading. I came out of it thinking that it was an entertaining experience, but I was sure that the psychic’s “hits” had much more to do with people reading skills than with psychic ability.

I continued to live life contently as a skeptic until the year I moved to a new home. After being in this home for only a short while, I began experiencing odd things. My house lights would just turn off or my vacuum would not run when I first plugged it in, and then just start running a bit later. I heard mumbled voices. I didn’t know what it was, and I assumed it was my animals, a radio, or the birds outside. A few times, I even felt something touch me and physically move me. I was beginning to get very bothered by the whole thing. I share my home with my animals and they, too, would hear the noises and voices. They would stare and bark. I often heard the voices coming from the bathroom. When I did, the dogs would run to the bathroom and bark consistently. The last straw was when I rescued a cat from the animal shelter and brought it home. Some time after we got settled in, I distinctly heard a voice from the bathroom say, “Come here.” It was as plain as day. It was at this point that I decided that I couldn’t ignore this anymore. I searched out help from a Medium that I knew through a friend. She came to the house and proceeded to speak with a spirit. She told me the spirit’s name. It was a woman. She meant no harm and was particularly fond of the cat. So, I learned to live with this spirit in my home until I eventually moved to be closer to my family.

I became friends with the medium that had assisted me and she began explaining things to me. I have since seen how her intuition works and that she truly communicates with spirit and is psychic as well. She has amazed me over and over again. Through her, I have met other intuitives and my knowledge of the metaphysical world has grown. I have become aware that, in a way, I was correct in being cautious and skeptical. I say this because, even though I now believe that there are truly gifted people out there, there are also those that prey upon the vulnerable for their own financial gain. This was my motivation in creating Best American Psychics. I wanted to create a website that people could visit and feel confident that they were consulting ethical professionals. This is very important to me. I have enjoyed this journey. As I continue to explore, a greater awareness is opening within me. Weekly, I interview psychics from my directory on a radio show at Each interview is another learning experience for me. I have had some things happen to me and within my life that I never would have even begun to believe a few years ago. I’ve also met a multitude of caring and talented individuals. I look forward to continuing to meet people and to the discoveries yet to be made. I guess I have that spirit to thank!!! Maybe I’ll take a trip back to the house and thank her sometime.

Best American Psychics

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Comment by Temple of Our Lady of the Moon on January 29, 2010 at 2:27pm
Excellent blog! I can relate on so many levels!


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