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Two Reasons Why Real Madrid’s Millions Could Not Buy A Good Soccer Team

As the clock ticked away in the second half at the Bernabeu and Lyon trailing with only a lone goal (scored in the 6th minute) that sickening feeling of déjà vu was inevitable. You could touch the feeling that Lyon was going to score and Madrid knocked out for the sixth consecutive time in the round of sixteen. As Miralem Pjanic smashed home a 75th-minute equaliser for Lyon there was a post-climactic…


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Fast Viral Sales with 16 Payment-Enabled Landing Pages Per Product is Copy/Paste Easy to Install

Dominate the search engines in just a few days: You can quickly set up any web page to send your sales viral with just one simple copy/paste operation onto your web pages per product. With 16 auto-generated (purchase-enabled) landing pages per product and each of these pages bearing 4 links back to your web site, you will quickly (with only about 100 products) have 64,000 links or so back to your web site raising your page authority and page… Continue

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Mega-Viral SEO: 50,000 Links to You from 3,333 Checkout Enabled Landing Pages

It shouldn't be rocket science, and it shouldn't take more than 1 vendor to get complete and powerful SEO along with checkout and payment processing in one solution - a solution you can begin deploying in less than 10 minutes. Yes, we DO mean 50,000 links to your web site from over 3,333 landing pages that all have the 'Buy Me'/checkout button and are searchable by product image or video as well as by keywords.

Simply watch the… Continue

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Site Update

Temple of Our Lady of the Moon is now fully intergrated with FB! We now have to date 46 members and about 22 groups. We also are adding Potion Making to our curriculum of Basic Wicca, Aromatherapy, and Herbal Magick.

Visit our site for more information-

CLICK HERE… Continue

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Does anybody know how to stop the ability for banned members to send messages?

I think this is where this goes and sorry if it has been posted before but people (usually childish people) leave some really bad and disgusting comments when they are banned because ning has the ability for them to send you there a way to remove or disable this?

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Soccer | Sex is good, but not in football

A comment like this, "Sex is good, but why not in football?" coming from a certain JT would be understandable, but the wide condemnation that followed the Terry-Bridge episode was timely and

sends an aggressive message to the broader sporting world that soccer’s

moral standards will be defended staunchly from now onwards, WAG or no

WAG. Only good sex is good for the beautiful…


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I can haz cheezburger steps on its own employees that help crowd sources

This may or may not be off topic. But if you build a network crowd sourcing wouldn't you pay the people that help you get their a better wage?

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Poppet Magick

Part 1: What is a Poppet? And Why Would I Want to Play With Dolls Anyway?

A poppet is, for lack of a better term, a voodoo doll. It is one of the most commonly used implements in sympathetic magick, which entails the idea that “like creates like”. Thus, if you create a poppet of a person, anything to do to that poppet will affect the person it represents. Poppets are especially useful for spells that attract (or keep) a lover, heal,… Continue

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How Can Facebook Increase Your Business?

Social Media Marketing is changing the way most people do business. There is little argument that a once little known website designed to swap pictures and witty banter between friends, is now the facebook we all know and love. Facebook has evolved into a part of the world’s social structure. If you take the time to understand it, learn it and use it to drive awareness for your business, you will…


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Warning Signs When Seeking Psychic Advice

With the state of the economy and other trying situations at hand, many people are seeking guidance through spiritual advisors. The responsibility of psychic practitioners is great. In our opinion, those in possession of psychic gifts must use them ethically and with integrity. As firm believers in these statements, two of our Featured Advisors, Cheryl Anne and Allison, The Rock Girl of Best Psychic Team, covered this topic on a recent airing of their radio show, Psychic Channels. Below is a… Continue

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BAP 2009 Award Winners!

With an assessment of last year within Best American Psychics, we would like to honor a couple of our members that have added to our company in a significant way. Michelle Whitedove was our Psychic of the Year in 2009 and has also claimed that honor for 2010. Along with Michelle, we would like to honor Cynthia Silk and Allison, The Rock Girl for their contributions.

BAP Team Player Award

Recipient: Cynthia Silk

Since coming aboard Best American Psychics, Cynthia has been… Continue

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Best American Psychics' March Psychic of the Month

With the beginning of March here, we would like to honor Lady Raven, our March Psychic of the Month. Lady Raven is an international psychic known for being one of the first psychics on the scene to merge the internet with the psychic world. She began life with a difficult childhood and has had several near death experiences. These experiences helped her to grow and understand her mission here on this plane. She is a multi-business owner and an active animal advocate. Lady Raven has been said to… Continue

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The Anti-Bunny update

Hi, Sally here, I stull haven't figured out how to attract people to my network. Well, networks, the other is XGeboX. It's a pagan network named after a rune. I'm trying to get the pagans in my area to communicate. I have one member, Yay! This site needs a lot of work too. Both

Any ways, about the Anti-Bunnies, it's a feminist site. I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm still working on layout, the only codes I know are center and…


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