With the state of the economy and other trying situations at hand, many people are seeking guidance through spiritual advisors. The responsibility of psychic practitioners is great. In our opinion, those in possession of psychic gifts must use them ethically and with integrity. As firm believers in these statements, two of our Featured Advisors, Cheryl Anne and Allison, The Rock Girl of Best Psychic Team, covered this topic on a recent airing of their radio show, Psychic Channels. Below is a synopsis of some key points discussed:

Professional, ethical, legitimate psychics SHOULD NOT:

*Invade: We all have personal boundaries and our personal space. This is something that we have learned should be respected. This applies in the psychic arena as well. No one, no matter how gifted, should invade your personal space and attempt to “read” you without permission. Psychics should also remember that not everyone is prepared to be read and hear what their future holds.
*Connect Without Permission: Does the spiritual advisor ask if they can connect to you? Note: If you have procured a reading, this is implied.
*Convince: Is the spiritual advisor pointing out challenges in your life and trying to convince you that you NEED them to help you with those challenges? Note: You don’t NEED any spiritual advisor. You can desire their help, but your power for change lies within YOU.
*Have to Tout: Is the spiritual advisor trying a little too hard to impress you with his/her credentials? i.e. Repeating how he/she is a celebrity psychic, internationally known, world-renowned, etc??? Although this is true for several psychics, they shouldn’t have to repeatedly tell you. Most likely, if they are that important, they have a waiting list and don’t need to convince you to book an appointment with them right now.
*Spot a Curse: Don’t let any “spiritual advisor” tell you that you have a curse on you and subsequently acquire your monies.
*Read your clothes, body language, etc.: When getting a face-to-face reading, consider dressing in a fashion that you typically would not. Watch your body language and try not to give too many clues into your personality. Also, a legitimate psychic should not need a detailed background story and shouldn’t have to ask you an abundance of questions.

The bottom line here is to trust your own intuition. Pay attention to how the spiritual advisor’s energy feels to you and trust that instinct. And, remember that no psychic, never mind how talented and gifted, is ever 100% percent accurate all of the time. You have your own free will. Again, trust your common sense and intuition. Never hand your power over to anyone.

Also discussed in this episode was how to protect yourself from negative energies and psychic and/or energy vampires. Here are some of the tips:
*When in large groups of people try not to touch others that often.
*Wear or carry Black Tourmaline-it repels negative energy and sends it back to source. You can also wear or carry Black Onyx.
*Say a prayer that Spirit, God, or the Divine watches over you.
*Envision your auric field and fortify it.
*Before going out, spray a water/sage oil mixture on yourself or put a dab of myrrh oil on the back of your neck (the “other eye”).
*Wash hands after coming in contact with someone.
*Upon returning home, take your shoes off and leave them at the door! A good deal of negative energy falls to the ground and you’ve been walking through that, not to mention other yucky stuff. Take a shower. Burn white sage to neutralize any/all negativity, and/or use Tingsha bells to align frequencies, and/or a use a Selenite wand to align frequencies.

We hope these tips offer some assistance to you. If you would like to hear the whole radio show or any other episodes of Psychic Channels with Cheryl Anne and Allison, The Rock Girl of Best Psychic Team follow this link and click on “Psychic Channels”. http://www.bestpsychicteam.com/psychic-radio/

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