Do you believe that you have the ability to create what you want or the ability to manifest, but don’t know exactly how to go about it? Or when you are doing all the right things to manifest what you want, does it seem as though you are getting nowhere?

Cheryl Anne and Allison, The Rock Girl of Best Psychic Team recently addressed this topic on their radio show, Psychic Channels. They have offered their tips here:

#1- Begin by clearing/cleansing space.

Before bringing intention from the spiritual realm into the physical realm, the space should be cleared. That includes the person. Then the intention can be sent.

The Rock Girl’s method: Use white sage to smudge self and area. White sage neutralizes negative energy. Use Selenite wand around body and in corners of room to charge the energy. (Selenite has the same frequency as moon light.) Use Tibetan Tingsha bells. (The frequency of the sound reshuffles the ions, molecules, and atoms in the room.) These steps cleanse the area/person and then charge the positive energy.

Cheryl Anne’s method: Use prayer and bring in the energies from Spirit. Ask to be surrounded by white light and ask your Guides, Angels, Spirit to connect, protect, and clear negative energy. Use white sage and oils or essences, especially a root type scent.

Your method: Whatever works best for you. There is no one set way. You can make use of these things and candles, oils, and incense. Just attempt to clear any negative energies and trust your gut as to when the energy is cleansed. You will feel a shift in energy and know when you can stop.

#2- When manifesting, you must know and be specific about what you want and expect.

Don’t be afraid to expect the best for yourself, but be specific. When you set the intention, say it and mean it. (Note: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. – If you wish for abundance, you may get abundance – but abundance of what?)

#3- Set your intention to manifest.

You can say your intention aloud. You can write it in a journal. You can write it on a piece of paper and put it under a stone. You can make a vision board. (This is a collage, of sorts, with pictures that denote your goals. Try not to over think it, go with what feels right.) Set your intention in more than one way.

#4- Be willing to make changes or to sacrifice what needs to be changed or sacrificed in order to reach your goal. Take action.

For growth and change, old things need to clear away in order to make way for the new. You may need to let go of things that may get in the way. Such things could be relationships, places, material items, hurts, resentments, etc. Remember that we are on this earth to grow in spirituality, not necessarily to have a party!

#5- Be willing to listen to messages from Spirit, God, Guides, Angels, The Divine.

Learn to listen to the small messages in order to get to the big messages or to what you desire.
There are several ways that you may get your messages. You need to be aware and listen to them. You may get them through synchronicity. You may get them as nagging, relentless thoughts. You may get them in dream state. You may be very engrossed in a task and suddenly have a thought. This thought may present itself over and over. Pay attention! You may also get these messages while driving, riding a bike, taking a shower. These are your messages and they may seem trivial, but you must learn to listen and take action to get to where you want to be.

#6- Trust the universe or the Divine.

You may feel as though you are not going in the direction you want to manifest. If you feel as though you are swimming upstream, try sitting quietly and asking the universe to bring you the messages. Trust your inner knowing, be willing to take risks, and be truthful to yourself, regardless of what others think.

Cheryl Anne and The Rock Girl of Best Psychic Team are members of Best American Psychics. In their words, Mighty Blessings and Love ALL-ways.

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