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English premier league soccer hits a new high after a thrilling mid-week

The mid week games provided results that have in no way harmed the renewed excitement surrounding the English premier league this season. Manchester United and Chelsea fc dropped crucial points against Aston Villa (1 - 1) and Everton (2 - 1) respectively, while Arsenal squeezed out a one goal win over…


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Miyshah & watch free live 4,000 TV station.

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Watch TV - Live online internet television Access to 4000…


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Promoting Your Site

A few tips from me-

Try your local craigslist....keep the add simple and on point.

Myspace ads- If you have a myspace site, post your banner on your page and add the classifieds application...post new bulletins each week or daily promoting different areas of your site.

Teachstreet.com- If you teach on your site...this is a great site for posting classes and lessons, even have badges you can put on your site, and you can also link that profile to…


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Arsenal and Liverpool in search of respite at the Emirates

Wednesday's game at the Emirates has become a crucial point for Arsenal and Liverpool, a pivotal stage that could help define the season for either teams as they set out to capture "catch-up" points. With a single point from nine against the top four, Arsenal's prospect for the title is amounting to a mere mathematical possibility with a nine point gap standing between them and the leaders, Chelsea that may widen by tomorrow. A fews weeks ago, the excitement was centered…


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COMING SOON!!! Thought Provoking Perspectives - TALKUSA/TV SHOW


with host John T.…


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i represent a new site we have had running since dec with currently 45 members in it.Our site is about all aspects of spirtuality, so what ever path your walking on spirtualy im sure you will find something for you, and if not feel free to set up a group. we have discussions on many things in chat facility these are themed nights we also have sample readings done as well.Our intention of the site is to allow people to learn and grow spirtually and also allow people to…


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Faith in, and for, the Furries

How A Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic – Facilitators of My Spiritual Journey

If you have read any of my previous posts, you realize that I am an avid animal lover. I have been drawn to animals from a very young age. My mother tells stories of me, just shortly after I took my first steps, venturing toward all types of animals. My life has been blessed with a variety of furry and feathery beings. As soon as I was of age to get a part time job, I began working at the local… Continue

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Banner Fans (New Ministry Banner!)

I recently joined Bannerfans.com via a google search....gods I have had the dickens of a time tryin to fix the banner for Guiding Angels Ministries but here it is! BannerFans.com How to get the pic in the corner shouldve been fairly obvious to me but sadly it wasnt! Thank Gods its fixed now....

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Dark Moon Circle online coven



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VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sons of Harmony at the IMA Awards

We would truly appreciate YOUR… Continue

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My Kids Cowboy Boots | Stretching to Fit | Jim Roche NJ

The purpose of stretching kids cowboy boots or any pair of boots for that matter is to improve on the fit of the boot in order to be more comfortable. There is nothing more comfortable than an old pair of cowboy boots, once broken in, they are as comfortable as a second skin, like they were custom-made for your feet. The reward, makes it all worth the effort.

The steps below are how I stretch my kids cowboy boots, they are relatively…


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Site Safety Should Be Important

For the past two days we have gotten an application from a potential 19 year old female who calls herself AR. Twice I have rejected her application because her information is blank. The safety of this group is of the utmost concern here as spammers, lurkers, and trolls are not welcomed on this site. I have a not so nice warm fuzzy feeling when she applies so the next time she does and her profile is blank she will be banned from Temple of Our Lady of the Moon. We expect to get applications like… Continue

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From Spirits, Psychics, and Mediums to Healers

How A Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic – The Journey Continues

Just as I began to wrap my head around humans being able to communicate with spirit and to “know” things, I was hit with the hardest blow of my life. I mentioned in my former post that I moved from my spirit-inhabited home to be closer to my family. The reason for this was that my mother became very, very ill. After being frightenely sick for months, she underwent exploratory surgery and was diagnosed with an… Continue

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Trying To Get Our Tax Exempt

Today I was looking into getting Guiding Angels Ministries its 5013c

status...which we shouldve done when we started the Ministry back in 07 we had

the money then but we were fallin so far behind in the bills when we lost our

jobs that we never did it...its about $400 dollars now...sheesh!

Everything I would like to costs money we dont have and I dont even know where

to begin. We need training in dv law, advocacy....etc...we have to register with

the county… Continue

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Guiding Angels Ministries Prayer List

Guiding Angels Ministries is proud to announce its new group "The Prayer List" on its new forum website. If you would like to be added please contact me for further assistance or visit


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February 2010 Update on Mysticmoons!!

Greetings friends!

Mysticmoons is growing daily, with over 1,223 members and 80 groups, we have a little something for everyone! There is a donation button on the main page so that members may donate to their community! We are taking Mysticmoons to the top!

I have since opened two new Ning communities, The Witches Council http://thewitchescouncil.ning.com We are a sitting Council that serves and monitors the Pagan Communities by… Continue

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