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The purpose of stretching kids cowboy boots or any pair of boots for that matter is to improve on the fit of the boot in order to be more comfortable. There is nothing more comfortable than an old pair of cowboy boots, once broken in, they are as comfortable as a second skin, like they were custom-made for your feet. The reward, makes it all worth the effort.

The steps below are how I stretch my kids cowboy boots, they are relatively easy and require minimal effort and you can do these yourself at home on the cheap.

My boys cowboy boots are considered essential accessories around here and we do our best to properly care for them as well as preserve their quality. Buying a new pair of boots and stretching them to fit from the get go is my job, all that requires to make my boys cowboy boots fit them is just a litlle time and it's cheaper than taking them to a shoe shop to get them stretched.

Before stretching my kids cowboy boots, I make sure to clean the inside and outside with a clean damp cloth. This will free the pair of boots from the lines and scuff marks, I find that using warm water for cleaning is best.

I put a small amount of saddle soap on my cloth, I start on the inside of my boys boots paying special attention to the toe area and other areas they tell me are tight. I apply more saddle soap to the outside of the boot, I repeat this process till my kids cowboy boots take on a warm sheen and feel supple, almost damp to the touch.

When my kids cowboy boots have soaked up the the saddle soap, I get them to put on an old pair of socks and wear the boots for about an hour, this makes the leather warm. After removing the boots, I then stuff them with damp newspaper, being sure to fill the whole area as tightly as I can, making sure that the shape of the boot is still maintained. I leave the boots alone for a day then I'll repeat the process a couple more times if needed depending on how much they need to be stretched and there you have it. My kids cowboy boots fit them like a glove.

There are a lot of suggestions on the Internet for how to stretch leather cowboy boots. While most of them will work, many of them will damage the leather. I've know some people suggest that standing on water while wearing boots is a good idea. In fact this is not a good idea because water ruins the quality of the leather. Foot molds are available in shoe stores which may be used from time to time. Oil is also a good component for making leather stretch. All you have to do is rub a small amount into your kids cowboy boots.

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