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What Is... A URL Rotator?

And how does it work?

A URL rotator (sometimes known as page or link rotators) is a system where the same link or URL sends the visitor to different website addresses either in some rotation pattern or randomly. The service offered by URL rotators has several potential uses, particularly for those who are engaged in the work of marketing their services or products. In simple terms, a URL rotator is in charge of displaying a different web page whenever a person happens to click on your link. The URL rotator either randomly selects another URL or points to the next URL (meaning visitor A will see 1, 2, 3, 1, 2 etc as will visitor B) or the next in sequence across all visitors (meaning visitor A might see 1 then B sees 2 then A reloads and sees 3 and so on).. You submit this list of URLs to the company or person offering the rotator when you become a member of their site. The most common is that any visitor advances the sequence as the person using the rotator doesn't generally care who sees the individual sites in the sequence as long as they are all displayed equally This might be done so that one URL promotes different websites, e.g. where a group of people do a group 'co-op' advertising and they want to ensure the traffic is divided fairly and automatically.

What's the point?

In truth most people would have no legitimate use for a URL Rotator.

However, in the context of advertising, a rotator can be an extremely useful tool. Here are a few examples...

1 Single user promoting multiple sites

In this scenario, a user has a source or multiple sources of traffic that they point to their rotator. They can then customize very easily where that traffic goes. This is especially useful if they have multiple sources of traffic because they only have to change the sequence in the rotator and all the traffic from all the sources will be diverted accordingly.

2 Easily switch to promoting different sites

This is similar to the previous examples but the user again might have many traffic sources. By pointing all those sources to one rotator, it's then very easy to switch from promoting site A to promoting site B.

E.g. An affiliate might abandon product A because a new product B is better with higher commissions and the marketer can instantly switch all the traffic to the new product.

Also, if product A disappears for some reason, it's much easier to just change the rotator to a new site then to have to go to all the different traffic sources changing their destination url.

3 An advertising co-op (Team Advertising)

An individual can set up an advertising co-op where members of his/her downline are invited to buy shares in an advertising pool. The organizer purchases traffic or advertising and points the traffic at the rotator. The rotator then displays the next website in sequence, ensuring that all the members of the co-op get their fair share of the traffic. It even lets people buy multiple shares in which case they have their URL in more than once and equal to the number of shares they bought.

It can also be used to divert different ratios of the traffic to different sites, e.g. 75% to site A and 25% to site B (include site A 3 times in the rotator setup and site B once).

The One that I Use

I have used many URL Rotators but the one I recommend most highly is the 12 Second Commute URL Rotator. That's largely because Darryl Graham and the trainers at the 12 Second Commute are knowledgeable and committed to you success in your online marketing efforts. To learn How to set up and Manage you URL Rotators Visit the Video Training Site Here

For More Information or To Become a Member of the 12 Second Commute

Contact Jim Roche NJ 908-415-5363

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