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Pothead Universe Mission Statment

"Pothead Universe" believes Cannabis prohibition will end as more people become aware of the true benefits of the plant. Pothead Universe is the vehicle that provides you with the scientific and anecdotal advice of Cannabis experts in the areas of cultivation, medical, social and legal matters. Our community provides support to those bringing Cannabis awareness to the world.

The Pothead Universe exists to support the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the…


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The Threshold Bookcast : Introduction & Chapter I – Homeworld

The Bookcast

I was more than surprised this morning when I googled the terms “bookcast” and “bookcasting.” I had imagined that what I was expecting to see in the results would have been common practice in this day and age, and yet I actually saw very little of what I had in mind. Moreover, I couldn't find entries for the words in Wikipedia, nor in the Wiktionary. In fact, this is the best definition I…


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Gun Websites: Blog, Board, or Social Network?

Let’s face it, most gun blogs aren’t very interactive and many are stuck in the stone-age when it comes to technology and social networking. It’s 2012 and the internet has been around for a while, yet I still see major gun blogs that offer their users little more than a basic text commenting system. Often, users who wish to communicate with each other are forced to talk back in forth through comments, until one of them finally posts his or her email address publicly and says “Just email me…


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Goldfish Pulling a Snail Cart » by James Pollock)

« Perseverance » is the fourth of the series of segues composed to join the tracks of…


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Convert Voice to Text and Audio to Text Transcribing

Guidelines one ought to adopt, while probing for a good audio to text/voice to text transcribing service

Though technology evolves day by day, none can exceed the dependability of some already proven methods that were highly successful in achieving certain tasks.…


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Essay : On the Meaning of Sin



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