Special Member Links - Your Friends, Your Discussions, Your Groups, Your Photos, Your Videos

How to add special member links, so your members can access their "content" quickly.

You can add these links anywhere you want. I like to add them to submenu tabs, under "My Page" or "My Profile"

Go to:
My Network/Settings/Tabs & Pages
Add a sub-tab for each item you want to add to your Ning Network.

I like this setup for each sub-tab option:
1. Make this a sub-tab
2. Make Visible to Members

Here are the titles and links: Add the link next to - "Use Existing URL"

Your Blog

Your Events


Your Friends

Your Discussions

Your Groups

Your Photos

Your Videos


  1. Go to Tab Manager.
  2. In left column, click on +Add New Tab.
  3. In right column, enter "Tab Name". (i.e. Your Videos)
  4. Check the box next to: "Make this a sub-tab"
  5. Next to Target Page, select "Use Existing URL".
  6. Next to "Use Existing URL", enter your link. (i.e. /video/video/listForContributor)
  7. Next to "Make Tab Visible To", select Members. (this is your choice)
  8. In left column at bottom, you will see your new sub-tab.
  9. Grab it and drag UNDER the main menu tab, where it should reside. (i.e. My Page)
  10. In bottom right, click on Save Tab Settings.

And, here's a visual for one special Member link sub-tab:

UPDATE: As of July 2011, the title of this feature page is: Tabs & Pages, not Tab Manager

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Replies to This Discussion

This one is a sweet tip
My members love it
I've been using these codes for about 7 months
You're the best, Jen =). Thanks!
Thanks Jen, it is a great tip!! I've inserted, checked and it worked.
Great! Glad it worked for you.
How about link to blogs? Is it possible? thanks!
That one was a little tricky! Thanks for asking. I added it here.

This is working for me:

Your Blog
Thanks for adding this one, Jen ... it's working perfectly!!!
Glad you liked it!
Surprisingly this wasnt as complicated as I thought it would be. Thanks Jen this is awesome! Definitly makes for better access to our stuff, and it makes it better organized.
Great, glad to hear it went smoothly.
Hello, could also be added ... my tastes and my messages, if you can, thanks for your response. thanks



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