HELP! ;-) Top Friends Ning App: Do you have to page through 100s of friends?

OMGosh. After I just promised our Banner Exchange Members, who request Top Friend placement, I would install Top Friends, and add those accounts to the Top Friend list - - this isn't gonna work!

Here's what's happening. I've installed the app, and now I want to add members to the list. PLEASE TELL ME the selection process does not work as poorly as it appears to, for me. If I have to page through 100s of friends, each time I add one to the list, I would have to deem this app as useless.

Who would have this kind of time? Hopefully, I'm missing something simple. Otherwise, I have big egg in my face. I don't think it's possible to weed through that many friends over and over, again. I can't even find the first 2! And, I spent 10 minutes paging down, trying to do this. CAN ANYONE SHED LIGHT ON THIS APP FOR ME? LOL!

Any insight would really be appreciated. Maybe there is an alternative app, aside from "Featured Members"? I guess you can tell. I am really disappointed in this particular Ning App.

Thanks in advance,

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