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Update on 4 Months and counting

(please watch the whole clip before you make up your mind as to who is right here!)

Below is the last sorry excuse they are giving as reason for the…

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4 months of paying and no help in view


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Is Social Media a Fad?

Response to the blog ;…


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Dear CEO

Let me ask you a question, “Why did your organization create your

position…why does your job exist?”

The answer _isn’t_ so you’ll have someplace to go several days each week.

And it’s _not_ to enable you (with a paycheck) to buy stuff and do your part

to “fuel” the economy. Those are positive byproducts, but they’re not why

your job is needed. Your job—everyone’s job—exists for one primary purpose:

_to either make or do things for other people_. Those “other… Continue

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Problems and Solutions to Ning Current state

What exactly is wrong with white listed sites and free users sharing the same server? The free users are typically used by the sites to do beta testing than disposed of as road apples when bugs are fixed and the code is sellable! That is quite unimaginative not to say abusive ! As far as ning is concerned the problems are many ; regurgitated content of people inviting each other to join each other networks being the main one , the other… Continue

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Merry Christmas Everyone


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