You can add a scrolling message to the top of your Ning Network (NingBar). This is a great way to make short announcements, slogans, or quotes. The message will be displayed in the NingBar at the top of your site. If you have the NingBar hidden, it will be displayed at the top of your site.

This scrolling message will also stop/go on mouseover.

1. Edit the text below, using your custom text message.
2. Add the entire block of code to the Custom Code Box (Analytics) via My Network/Tools/Custom Code.
Note: If you sign out, it may take a while for the caching to catch up, and for the scrolling message to show. This is true for any tweak you make to your Ning Network.

WARNING: As in all tips offered on JenSocial, tips are hacks. Add at your own risk. Please be sure you do not leave out any characters.

CRITICAL TIP: For some reason a Ning Text Box like this Discussion, changes the "absolute position" code. Please use the attached text file to edit. See image below for how your code should look after style=" and before right:400px

<!-- Add Scrolling Message to NingBar -->
<div style="xg-p:absolute; right:400px; top:4px;"><marquee onmouseover="this.stop();" onmouseout="this.start();" scrolldelay="125" scrollamount="3" direction="left" height="20" vspace="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" style="font-family: Verdana; font-size:10px; color: #CC0000;">To add a scrolling message to your NingBar, change this text, and add the code to your Custom Code Box. If you want, you can add simple links like this: <a style="color:#000000;" href="">Visit JenSocial</a> This is a great way to make announcements to your site visitors.</marquee></div>
<!-- End Scrolling Message to NingBar -->

How to Change the Font Size and Color:
Change the font size and color by editing this code, within your code block, above.
font-size:10px; color: #CC0000;

Tip: If you increase the font size, you may need to increase the attribute for: height="20".


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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you ever so much.
A big thank you Kudos to JEN
Fantasyland and Deborah,
Truly, my pleasure.
Your pushing things out faster than ning !! lol
Another top tip, Thanks Jen :)
It attaches at the very bottom. It took me a while to see it because it was behind my Wibiya tool bar.
I iframed a custom footer to the Analytics box just before I did this so I place the coding above the footer coding but still same problem; attaches to very bottom.
Is there a particular place to add you coding to in the Analytics box?
If you used the code from the attached text file, and not the discussion, it should work. Please be sure to read entire discussion. There is a special code that you must use, that cannot be added directly in the tutorial - - just a Ning text box buggie thingy.
My bad. Doesn't make any sense but works just the same. Cool tip!
Yeah, I'm not quite sure why that parameter is changed by the Ning platform within a text box. I need to stop and ask someday.
Man o man is that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
see at
I just added to my network pages, the Marquee like jen used here. The problem is that it is staying at the bottom on my Status Bar instead of at the top. I can not seem to find what I did wrong. I placed the code in my Analytics Box. as was instructed... Any ideas what is wrong?
LOL! Never mind, I got it... The adition of the xg-p;absolute configuration made it scroll on the Status Bar... By removing the xg-p and replacing it with the word position it took it back to the top where it belonged. Someone else had sent me the code and said they got it from Jen... I was playing with it and, well, You know. LOL! Sorry to pester anyone.
Great, glad you found the issue. For the life of me, still not sure why Ning interprets position to xg-p. It could be a well known issue that somehow I missed.



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