Sometimes it is necessary to remove keys from your Sony Vaio laptop computer. This typically involves removing the entire keyboard first. Some reasons you may need to remove a computer key are as follows; it sticks, it is broken, something spilled on the keyboard, or it simply does not function properly. Keep in mind that basic maintenance of your Sony Vaio laptop is very important; at least if you expect it to function properly for years to come.

Begin by shutting down your Sony Vaio laptop computer. Now, unplug the AC adapter, and carefully remove the battery from the laptop. At this point, you need to gently take out the computer’s keyboard. It is important to be delicate with this machine and all of its refined parts.

In order to remove the Sony Vaio laptop keyboard, you will need a simple flathead screwdriver. Use this tool gently, and stick it beneath the top of the keyboard. There is a piece of plastic nearest to the computer’s screen. There is a small space between this piece of plastic and the keyboard. You must lift the plastic piece. Just be sure not to tug it hard or aggressively. After all, it can break easily. The entire keyboard should be exposed.

There are a few screws to remove. Take these out of the keyboard, and set them aside. Proceed to lift the Sony Vaio laptop keyboard from the casing. Remember that the keyboard is still attached, so it is important to be gentle. As you will see, a ribbon cable is connected to the Sony computer and the keyboard itself. Slightly pull the ribbon cable upwards to unlock it. Now remove the cable.

The entire keyboard can now be removed from the Sony Vaio laptop. You can carefully pop or unsnap each necessary key from the keyboard by pulling upwards on the key’s sides. It is important to slide the wires to each key upward in order to effectively release each Sony laptop key. While these computer keys do pop off, they also snap back on.

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