Acer laptop keyboards can be removed at any time. The entire keyboard is designed to be removed and replaced if it becomes damaged or nonfunctional in any way. As for a single Acer laptop key, this can easily be removed as well by the computer owner. This is good news since it means avoiding a hefty computer repair shop bill. First of all, you should be aware that you do not need to disassemble your Acer laptop in order to remove a single key. There is no “computer technician” knowledge or know-how required to replace an Acer key. Simply follow the steps below!

  1. Start by shutting down your Acer computer, and disconnecting the power cable. Now open the laptop computer in order to access the keyboard.
  2. Pinpoint the damaged or broken Acer key. Using a simple flathead screwdriver, insert the tip of the screwdriver beneath the corner of the Acer key. Proceed to gently pry the key upwards, and pop it off. A plastic key frame will remain in the key’s compartment.
  3. At this point, you need to use the screwdriver to carefully pry up the plastic frame in the key compartment, and pop it out.
  4. Now, take the small plastic frame, and situate it into the bottom of the new Acer key. Press it down firmly until it snaps into place.
  5. Lastly, position the new Acer key into the empty keyboard compartment, and press it down so that it snaps securely in place.

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