As internet marketers may of us struggle to get a handle on how to effectively market in a social media web 2.0 world. Social media is about building relationships. It is very difficult to sell someone when you haven’t built trust through a relationship.

We all get hit up by over aggressive marketers on social sites. You know, those who welcome you to a site and then start selling you something. We also get friends requests from people who have never contacted us before. With this in mind I did a little research on effective social media marketing methods.

In the dozens of article I reviewed no one suggested that in your face marketing works. Nor did anyone suggest that your first contact be a friend’s request. So I thought I would share some of the wisdom of others on social media marketing.

None of these article suggests that in your face upfront marketing is effective. Social media marketing is an example of what is known as the slow close. None of these article suggests that your first contact should be a sales pitch or a friend’s request. Yet, we see this done all the time.

I hope that this helps!

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