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A few days back, I received an interesting email from Start Up Nation. This site is an absolutely tremendous source of information for the beginning entrepreneur.

I discovered this site several months back while doing some research. I liked the site enough that I became a member. The site has become a friend of sorts. I have visited often over the last four months. The site is definitely jammed with great information.

They send me periodic updates. When I saw their email in my inbox I quickly opened the mail. It was announcing their Start-up Nations Home Based 100 Competition. It is a competition to be named the best business in a group that included 10 different categories. These are as follows:

• Best Financial Performers
• Most Innovative
• Boomers Back in Business
• Greenest
• Yummiest
• Wackiest
• Savviest in Social Media
• Recession Busters
• Most Slacker Friendly
• Most Glamorous

The contest is very simple and straight forward you simple are asked to provide an explanation about why you should win. It really is that simple. People are given the opportunity to vote on your submission. After you vote you will see a pop up box. It asks if you want to receive daily email notices to vote again.

The most intriguing aspect of the contest is that there is no prize. My business/life partner thought that I had gone crazy by entering a contest with no prize. Start Up Nation explains their no prize policy this way “First off, the publicity is priceless.” It went much further than that but the whole idea is publicity, for both you and the site.
This site is all about start-up businesses. These businesses are likely to be extremely short on cash and struggling to get visibility and attention for their business.. I think that this is a great marketing opportunity for both the site and for those who participate.

You are required to enter two business categories. I entered the Recession Busters and Boomers Back In These business categories seemed to be the best match for Tucson SEO Solutions. Is a competition like this for you?… Maybe, and maybe not. I believe that the site is worth a visit and I recommend that you visit it now. I would also ask that you visit our profile page it will give you an idea about how to frame your content.. Then I would suggest that you compare our entry to other contestant’s pages. It should provide you an example of what to do and not to do if you decide to enter the contest yourself.

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