FAQ from Ning, about Ning Network Rates - Premium and Packages

Pricing Plans

What is Ning Pro?

Ning Pro, priced at $49.95/month, is the ideal solution for Creators building a comprehensive social experience who need additional features, integration and support. Ning Pro includes all current Ning features, as well as run your own ads, use your own domain, no Ning promotion links, additional storage and bandwidth and premium support — a 33% discount off of what this package costs under our current pricing model, and a 46% discount if you pay the annual price of $499.95. Ning Pro customers will also have the option in the near future to upgrade to get API access and HD video. See a side-by-side comparison of plans, below.

What is Ning Plus?

Ning Plus, priced at $19.95/month, provides the robust set of tools and features you need to build and grow a highly-engaged, branded social network – at an incredible value. Ning Plus includes all current Ning features except for video and music uploads and branded players. This plan also includes run your own ads, use your own domain, and remove Ning promotion links. Ning Plus is a incredible value at $19.95/month (a 40% discount) or $199/year (a 63% discount). See a side-by-side comparison of plans, below.

What is Ning Mini?

Ning Mini, priced at $2.95/month, is the simplest and fastest way to set up a social network for your classroom, small nonprofit or family group. Ning Mini provides a basic set of features, accommodates networks of up to 150 members, and includes ad-free or run your own ads. For $2.95/month or $19.95/year, Ning Mini is perfect for Network Creators with smaller networks and a limited budget. See a side-by-side comparison of plans, below.

Will Ning still offer a free plan?

We will stop offering free Ning Networks when we launch the three new paid plans in July 2010. When we launch the plans, Network Creators will be given 30 days to transition to one of the three paid plans. Following the launch of the three paid plans in July, we will offer a free trial period for new Ning Networks. A major educational company has offered to sponsor Ning Mini Networks for educators in primary and secondary education. More details to come soon!

Ning MiniThe simplest and fastest way to set up a social network for your classroom, community group, small nonprofit or family Ning PlusThe tools and features you need to build and grow a branded social network with high engagement – an incredible value at a great price Ning ProThe ideal solution for building a comprehensive social experience, including additional features, integration, support and bandwidth
or $19.95/year* (save 44%)
or $199.95/year* (save 16%)
or $499.95/year* (save 17%)
Up to 150 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Help
10 GB of storage corresponds to about 5,000 uploaded photos or 500 uploaded videos
1 GB 10 GB 20 GB + upgrade
Bandwidth Help
100 GB of bandwidth corresponds to about 300 hours of sequential video play
10 GB 100 GB 200 GB + upgrade
Check Check Check
Check Check Check
Check Check Check
Check Check Check
Video embeds Help
Add videos from supported third-party services including YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video and Hulu
Check Check Check
Video and Music uploads with branded players Help
Upload videos and music directly to your Ning Network and brand the media players with your logo or watermark

Continued access to current videos Check
Chat Help
Available either on the Main Page or as a persistent bar across the bottom of your Ning Network

Check Check

Check Check

Check Check
Notes and Pages Help
Add static content to your Ning Network on its own page

Check Check
Ning Apps Help
Ning Apps expand the quantity and quality of the features available to you as a Network Creator, and allow you to engage even further with your members. Ning Apps are built by third
party developers

Check Check
Viral Tools
Invite Page
Network Creator only Network Creator and members Network Creator and members
Branded badges Help
Embed branded badges on blogs and other websites to get the word out about your Ning Network

Check Check
Facebook and Twitter integration Help
Set up Facebook and Twitter integration to add one-click sharing to both services

Check Check
with Facebook, Twitter or other authentication services
(Coming soon)

Check Check
Ad-free/ability to run ads Help
Place custom advertisements on your Ning Network in the Text Boxes provided
Check Check Check
Custom network ID Help
Custom network ID will allow for eventual integration with other authentification services, as well as single sign-on
Check Check Check
Domain mapping Help
Use your own domain, like www.network.com or my.network.com

Check Check
Remove Ning branding and links

Check Check
Custom CSS Help
Customize and update your Ning Network’s appearance using CSS

Check Check
Analytics Box Help
Manipulate your Ning Network’s layout, add tracking software like Google Analytics and more

Check Check
Language Editor

Check Check
Text boxes on homepage
3 25 25
RSS feeds on homepage
1 25 25
API Access
(Coming Soon)

Text boxes in header and footer
(Coming Soon)

Check Check
Member statistics
(Coming Soon)

Check Check Check
Feature controls
Member and blog moderation on Check Check
Advanced member controls
(Coming Soon)
Hide invite, share, Facebook or Twitter links, turn off private messaging, and strengthen member verification

Check Check
Language filter
(Coming Soon)

Content export and back-up Help
Export your Ning Network's content in Atom syndication format.
Check Check Check
Customer support Help
Questions? Depending on your plan, ask questions in our Help Center or reach out to other Network Creators on creators.ning.com.
Community-based support Help Center support Premium support

* One-time annual pricing

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Comment by Friends of musicians on November 20, 2013 at 2:36pm

Hey wow, this is a great selection of features!

I wanna get a new Ning Pro right now!    ....lolol

Comment by JenSocial on July 19, 2010 at 2:00pm
The Glamour Society of Modeling,
You won't be able to upgrade until after the new Ning is implemented, probably tomorrow afternoon. At that point, let me know if you can't find it. I'm not sure where it will be until then. I'm guessing it will be under Manage/Premium Services.
Comment by The Glamour Society of Modeling on July 19, 2010 at 1:37pm
Can someone please provide me with the link to upgrade my site to a premium. Having problems finding it. Thanks.
Comment by The Lifestyle on July 13, 2010 at 7:16am

$2.95 pm for forum/blog/photos/video/music
£19.95 pm for groups/apps/chat/events/pages.

Now what if you ONLY want groups from the $19.95 Ning Plus package?

- Apps are for kids or for sad people with nothing worthwhile to do in their spare time. Users are leaving Facebook in thousands because of this interference.
- Chat? Well, since when has that been anything other than a device for abusing chatters?
- Events are for live networks. We are online only.
- Integration. We are a serious self-contained community. We don't link to ADHD-feeding overkill like Facebook junkshop fan pages.
So, only 1 useful module out of 5! So why are we still paying for the other 4 bits of mindless rubbish?

But then, what if you don't even need all the modules from the $2.95 basic package?

Our network is forum and blog heavy. But.....
- Photos/videos are banned in our network. This is a pure safety measure to protect members.
- Music is irrelevant.
So the three most memory-hungry and development-heavy modules of the five are not needed.

Simple forum, blogs and groups! $19.95 for about 10% of the functions, is it?

With 7 days to go to the free network deadline, there has been no feedback from Ning at all on my help request for a compromise swap of photos/videos/music for groups. Clearly by delaying the issue Ning think they can blackmail me into a panic buy of Ning Plus. How unethical can you get?

Why can they not just charge per module like any other webhost with common sense and understanding?

Oh sorry, I forgot..... that would be a combination of intelligence, work ethic and customer relations! Not really the appropriate corporate profile, is it?

So, as grou.ps is unreliable in every aspect, it appears our pioneering network will lapse.

Thanks very much! Which year is this? 1970?
Comment by Vinyl & Beat Diggers on May 6, 2010 at 11:50pm
I have 540 members on my site(which isn't many, but more than 150), 1280 songs, 270 videos, & 1400 photos. That means I would have to pay for the pro package just to keep my site the way it is. I have put alot into it over the past 2 years, but not enough to start paying $500 a year! So yes, I am going to cancel/delete my site...... :(
Comment by JenSocial on May 5, 2010 at 11:43pm
RoadHouse Rockers,
I can't speak for Ning. But, my interpretation is this. If you go with the middle plan, you will be able to add videos via embedded code, and not upload them. And, for the videos that have already been uploaded to your Ning Network, they will be accessible, as they are now.

If anyone disagrees, please let us know.
Comment by RoadHouse Rockers on May 5, 2010 at 6:59pm
Ning Pro customers will also have the option in the near future to upgrade to get API access and HD video.??????? when and how much more ?????
Comment by RoadHouse Rockers on May 5, 2010 at 5:48pm
["Video and Music uploads with branded players
Upload videos and music directly to your Ning Network and brand the media players with your logo or watermark

Continued access to current videos"] anyone would be so kind as to clarify this part does it mean that 19.95 wont buy you any usage of videos or mp3 players???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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