• Believe it • Visualise it • Expect it • Speak it • Act it • Set goals • Take action / consistently daily
By doing this you will achieve it! If someone is going to invest US$ 3,000 in an EASY PHA-MAX FRANCHISE, they should be prepared to support this activity by buying a minimum quota of US$ 100 as PERSONAL USE products per month, this could be 1 SO EASY SYSTEM or 2 BOXES OF WHEATGRASS and 1 KENKO TAKARA PATCH. The compensation plan associated with this franchising arrangement is phenomenal; other than the first leg or stream, (which pays on 8 levels of EASYPHA-MAX below), the company pays you on infinity depths on the other 3 streams. So there is a vested interest on your part to help anyone in your group below you build, unlike network marketing, there is no cut off of income or breakage, (other than on the first leg, as mentioned). There are no limitations on your earnings, you don’t have to attain certain positions to qualify. It’s about building volume using the speed of the internet.
Example of goal: 100 partners. On achieving it, double then double again. How do we achieve this goal? Let’s look at this model: 1. To earn maximum income, you need 4 partners on auto ship. All the incentives in the compensation plan are based on bringing in 4 centers, and if you do the right thing and start building immediately with getting your 4 in the first month, then you can achieve your target. 2. What often happens in a traditional network marketing model is that people see the products and they like them, they see the money, and they get excited but then they come to a stand still and freeze. Worse yet if their first point of contact after the presentation are with negative people they my loose interest. What people need is a plan of action, they need to be told what to do. 3. Here’s what you do: Invest in a center so you are now committed as your investment is at stake, as you are now motivated to recover your investment. 4. Draw up a list of names
Connect with the right people! Some of the profile characteristics include;
• People who have the money to invest, or can tap into financial resources • People who have a positive outlook on life • Ambitious, passionate, energetic, hardworking, pleasant people who have the right attitude • People who are pro-active on health, • People who easily relate to people, • People who are centers of influence, in their communities, church etc • People who have access to networks, • People who have global connections, • People who connect to people in the wellness industry, • People who use and appreciate the power of internet as a marketing and communications tool.
Strategy: Start with some rapport with your prospect (in a one on one format) and then give them a little about your story and why you think this is a good business to get involved with. Develop an introductory script, for positioning opportunity. E.g., “I’m looking for people who are interested in buying an EASYPHA-MAX FRANCHISE in the bio-technology industry”…. Key points can include… 1. EASYPHA-MAX is a platform to disseminate natural products, eventually over 1,000 products, into global markets via the internet. 2. EASYPH-AMAX is an exclusive limited franchising arrangement. 3. The bio-technology industry is expected to grow to a 30 trillion dollar industry by the year 2020. 4. We are looking for partners to get involved at the ground floor stage. 5. The head office of the company is in Malaysia 6. The activity of this company is global; we are currently focused in Asia. 7. The company is building out the markets in Malaysia (20 m people), China, (3 billion), (Philippines, 90 million) and surrounding countries: Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. 8. We have an opportunity to develop the western markets. 9. We are at the ground floor stage of this business right now. 10. The company sales are currently just under half a billion dollars but when we hit a billion, the company will offer EASYPHA-MAX FRANCHISE owners the opportunity to buy shares into their company at a preferential price before listing on the international stock exchange. 11. You have an opportunity right now to earn part of this investment. 12. What’s more, we only just got started and the company has already hosted all expenses paid trips to China and Malaysia for people who have qualified in as little as the last 6 months of start up. 13. There is no obligation on your part. 14. I would like you to attend a meeting or meet with someone who can explain this better than I, as I have only just got started. If they can’t get to the meeting, get the meeting to them. Ask them to participate in a 3 way introductory call (you can use unlimited phone package for overseas markets). If you cannot present the plan, ask your competent up line partner to help you even if in a long distance mode. While listening to the up line partner talk to your prospect, take notes, so that you can explain in your own way. It’s a good idea to do the presentations with your partners at least 4 times to help understand the presentation; suggest you use the power point presentation. The power point presentation keeps you on track. • I like to start with the bioscience movie, as it highlights the wheat grass, the technology & research & development associated with the company. • I like to follow with half of Dr Gene’s presentation, highlighting the 3 key products: (the wheat grass to nourish, so easy to cleanse and Kenko complimentary detox product). • Then I like to go into the model using the 3 converging trends of: Bio-technology, Franchising & Ecomerce & then into the Compensation plan. Now get meetings set up with competent up line partner as many as you can manage per week, working feverishly to getting your 4 partners in, in 31 days, its like a game. In doing this you get R.O.I., which is cash flow monthly, plus US $1200 back as an EC incentive for bringing 4 partners in. Now help your personally sponsored partners each get their 4, (with the help of the competent upline partner if necessary). Once people see money coming in every month from the next month, you keep them. Remember R.O.I. is a US$ 20,000 return on a 3,000 US$ investment. Double this with another 4, in another 31 days, (does not have to be for 2 consecutive months), and that’s now 40,000 US $ back on your 3,000 US$ investment. The company will pay out ROI, each time you bring in a group of 4 people in 31 days, till maybe December when they stop paying ROI. So if you did this 5 times till year’s end, that’s US$100,000 just in ROI earnings. Express the urgency of this as the company will increase the investment value of EASYPHA-MAX at some point and stop paying out R.O.I. so lock your R.O.I. in quickly, since once you qualify, you will be entitled to earn R.O.I. bonus.
Follow up with referral to: 1. DVD / 2. CD / 3. PowerPoint package 4. Websites Follow up with 3 way calls to their key contacts for their potential 4 centers, (to develop core group: “4 ducks in a row).” Once you have a core group with a couple of EASYPHA-MAX investors, we can fly into the market and develop the group through meetings of their referred leads. Set up multiple appointments and group meetings to maximize time and results. Can do this over a three – four day period. Can move product through distribution channels connected to you as an EASYPHA-MAX FRANCHISE holder.
Don’t put large quantities of products on shelves, but people who have a client based activity are suitable. E.g.: 1. Reflexologists 2. Aestheticians 3. Doctors who endorse a wellness model to health 4. Nurses 5. Pharmacists 6. Massage therapists 7. Herbalists 8. Lifestyle consultants 9. Gyms 10. Spas 11. Salons 12. Juice bars 13. Herb shops 14. Fruit & vegetable depots 15. Sporting facilities 16. Golf club restaurants 17. Dieticians 18. Nutritionists 19. People who do colonics 20. Naturopaths

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