We all know of the “harm none” rule. Ok so what do you do when you have a drug addict or an abuser for a partner and mundane means do not work? You break out the cards, runes or whatever method of divination you use and throw the bones as it were to see what your magickal options are. If the results are favorable, then you decide what magickal operation could be successful. Bear in mind that like with every other banishing spell, we are to banish with love and compassion not with hatred and anger. I know, easier said than done. Once we learn to put our personal feelings aside if only for safety’s sake, then we can get past that block and use our skills to at the very least end the nightmare.

As with all spell work of any kind, you are the power behind the spell. You have to back it up in the mundane world. In the case of a drug addict (of which I speak from personal experience), remember it is their choice to use drugs. It is their path and they have to walk it alone. You are not responsible for them or their spiritual path, it is between them and their Higher Power. There are many banishing spells around. The best spells of course are the ones that you write yourself.

Check your correspondences for candles, oils, herbs, stones, moon and planetary phases. Since this person is more than likely stealing money to support his/her habit, I suggest using a Banishing Troublemaker oil and powder (which you can sprinkle in his/her shoes and under the door mat where they are sure to step (also keeps other trouble makers away). Sprinkling patchouli leaves under the mat also achieves the same end. Also, lock up your money! Do not leave your wallet or purse in the open for this person to get into when you are not looking, it only takes a second for your back to be turned and sticky hands on your cash (again I speak from personal experience).

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