»Overtone Music Network« is a free multifunctional portal and platform for overtone music and for all who enjoy this kind of overtone music. It is for all who are interested in the magic of harmonic, polyphonic and overtone music. If you are a member of this network you can improve your contacts to overtone musicians worldwide and create your own songlist of 100 songs of this platform. As an overtone musician you can share your ideas and conceptions about overtone and harmonic music. The special kind of »Overtone Music Network« is that you can listen songs by musicans who are sharing their music with you for free. In this way »Overtone Music Network« www.overtone.cc is a non-profit network. If you like this kind of music which contains elements of instruments with a high content of overtones like a didgeridoo, gong, jew's harp, singing-bowl, tambura or other instruments and as well overtone, harmonic or throat singing stay in contact with these musicians and enjoy their concerts, workshops and events worldwide. Check out our event calendar! In this way »Overtone Music Network« is a buisness network.

What are Overtones?
In most cases where a sound is created by natural means (such as a musical instrument or the human voice), a number of higher tones is produced in addition to the fundamental pitch. These higher tones are called overtones, partial tones, or harmonics. The sequence of these tones is called the overtone series, harmonic sequence, or sequence of natural tones. The combination of the fundamental and the overtones is the frequency spectrum of a tone.

The Goal of Overtone Music Network is to present the multiplicity of harmonic and overtone music on one platform. Overtone Music Network would like to facilitate the unity, community and personal ties among musicians and non-musicians.

Overtone Music Network is a business portal for overtone music. Five Network Sponsors made it possible that I could purchase all Ning Premium Services. They paid 60 € per year until June 2009. This includes for you as a musician that Overtone Music Network is a platform to promote your overtone and harmonic music. You can post informations about your concerts and workshops in the Event Calendar and news about CD releases and other informations in your own My Page - for example in your own Blog.

Content Control
The administrator of this platform is authorized to approve new photos and videos before they appear in the network. But content control is not necessary if you mind your responsibility. The administrator will delete each kind of content which contravenes the Overtone Music Network Guidelines and Terms of Service on Ning. Members who repeatly violate this conditions can be banned from this network.

I feature artwork on Photos Home. I do not feature photos - I created some different albums. From time to time I will change the setting on the main page which album appears on the main page. It is possible to show 100 photos at one time on the main page.

I feature one video or sometimes more than one video of each member. Ning doesn't support MySpace videos yet. The preview of related MySpace Videos is unfunctional. It doesn't works on Ning and therefore I will delete every MySpace video in the Video Home Section. You can add your own MySpace Videos on your own My Page or in your own BLOG. Or use the free YouTube to iPod converter for Windows on DVDvideoSoft.com. If you have the copyright of videos but the file is greater than 95 MB you can use this converter too! Try at first the preset »iPod - High Quality« by converting the video file to MP4. If the file is greater than 95 MB you can try the preset »Standard Quality«.

OMN is a multifunctional platform under the Disclaimer, Terms of Service and Privacy Police on Ning. OMN is for people who are interested in the magic of harmonic and overtone music. You can join in and leave this network whenever you want. Only the profile items raquo;Overtones Since« - »How do you find OMN« and «I accept the guidelines are required. These are the common denominator of OMN. You do not have to pay any kind of contribution for your membership. Your sign up and your membership on Overtone Music Network is free. You can donate or support and honour this free proposal by the way that you become a Project Advocates or Supporter on betterplace.org

Your donation makes sure that this network gets a solid base and supports musicians in the beginning of their musical career mediately too.

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Comment by Magic Happens on January 11, 2009 at 5:43pm
I have learn something new today. Thanks for explaining things.


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