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Vom Fliegen zum Flattern
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OMN Compilation Project

How can we spread the word about overtone singing and in general about overtone music? For instance by creating a new media - like the OMN Compilation. As Marco and I have informed you earlier about Marco working on this complilation project, the list with all female artists is done by now ...
They are as listed below

Thanks for joining this OMN Complilation project! You will get a notice from Marco as soon as this Compilation is out and ready for you to listen to. If the idea behind the OMN Compilation Project went unnoticed - please be so kind and read up on the principles of an OMN compilation based on an idea by Marco Tonini.

New Featured Blog Posts

Now, if you still are in dire need of an idea for a christmas present: Why not have a look at the latest featured blog posts?

Some announcements
We added a video to this network , explaining how to use some basic features of this network. It is a short promotion video clip by our open social network provider called Ning. Improved email notifications are online. since the last month. You are now informed by default, if your content is featured on the start page.

Happy holidays and blessings!
yours Jens

P.S.: Wishing you a relaxed christmas time and a happy new year I created a special playlist for you. You can find this program at the website of our cooperation partner - at www.woodroot-radio.eu below Edmunds Schellacks mix as SoSe Oberton im Advent.

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