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Life continued on after ning

I felt very let down by Ning, when they broke a promise to all ways have a free service. I had two sites that needed to be free as they where not business related. However that's water under the bridge and I moved on. After trying various other social community packages I decided that Wackwall now call Wall was my best option, in fact it was the best move. Of course it was not at the stage that ning's product was, but when their product went alpha I was rewarded for my help as a developer a… Continue

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Religion was the foundation for modern day politics

Approximately 5000 years ago a man wrote the first laws, a scribe that

possibly wrote both scrolls Genesis and Exodus. Moses and a council of

elders must of sat for days talking about these original laws plus what I

call the Jewish constitution the 10 commandments. Prior to this event

the Jewish tribes worship many gods and idols. Judaism was and still is a

form of politics. Moses must of organized a society of religious

teachers and leaders (the first Rabbi’s) to… Continue

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Profits über Alles! American Corporations and Hitler

By Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels

Corporate leaders in all western countries, including most emphatically

the US, loathed the Soviet Union because that state was the cradle of

the communist "counter system" to the international capitalist order of

things, and a source of inspiration to America's own "reds."

Furthermore, they found particularly offensive that the homeland of

communism did not fall prey to the Great Depression, but experienced an

industrial… Continue

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