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This CSS tweak will add a vertical scroll bar to your Photo Module on the home page. If you only have 2 photos selected, the bar may not show up with 300 height. You can adjust the height to suit your preference. NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR PHOTO SLIDESHOW, BUT FOR THUMBNAILS.

Add this CSS to Manage/Appearance/Advanced CSS, at bottom.

/* Scroll Bar for Photos */
.xg_widget_main .module_photo .xg_module_body {height: 300px;overflow : auto;position:relative;}

To scroll through Photos on Member Profiles too, just remove the main page class, like
.module_photo .xg_module_body {height: 300px;overflow : auto;position:relative;}

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thank you Jen I was debating whether or not to use scroll bar on my site but I gave it a try nad it works great as always
fanastic! I just changed the height to 280 and it was perfect
Is there a way to make scrollable notes? I know how to make it scroll on the main page,

/* Scroll Bar for Notes */
.xg_widget_main .module_notes .xg_module_body {height: 300px;overflow : auto;position:relative;}

but when I add this code to make the notes page scrollable with this code, nothing happens.

.module_notes .xg_module_body {height: 300px;overflow : auto;position:relative;}
Thanks for clarifying.
Then, my answer to your question, sorry I do not know. My guess is, it couldn't be done.



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