I learn this form Google+. When you focus on one activity feed, you need to highlight it to make it more outstanding and readable. So this tips will tell you how to highlight one activity feed when mouse over:




It's really simple:


1. Download this CSS file mouse_over_highlight_activity.css 

2. Open it in any text editor. Modify the padding, margin, border and background color for your site.

You can easily make a different beautiful gradient and get the CSS code here. Once you have the gradient code, copy and paste it between the two comments :

/*mouse over highlight background color start*/

/*mouse over highlight background color end*/


3. Copy and paste all these CSS code to Advanced CSS. No matter you use Design Studion or not. 


Here is the snap pic of the CSS code in the file above:





This tips can be used with both Design Studio and old themes.





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Thank you! Somehow I missed your tip. I appreciate your awesome contributions.

Best Regards,


LOL, you use hover on whole module not just one entry. So brain. 

I 'll check that discussion. :)

Do you know CSS grouping ?
Some how I tried this tip twice on my Network, but is unable to get it to work. Can you assist with this Jen?

You'll need to go with Alex's directions. I haven't even tried it yet, sorry.



Sorry, busy works. I'll check this for you today or tomorrow. :)
ok Alex thanks...



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