New toys means we get to play with them :)

First- Change the description in your language editor to something a little more descriptive. Personally I used "Want More? Click & Scroll!"....(I'm using a scroll bar in my activity feed).

Tweak and paste these codes in your Advanced / Custom CSS to fit your style:


/* More Button Rounded Border & Color */
.xg_module_foot .see_more_cta {border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;border-color:#c5c5d1;}


/* More Button Font Size & Color */
.xg_module_foot .see_more_cta {font-size:17px;color:#ffffff;}


/* More Button Background Color */
.xg_module_foot .see_more_cta {background:#0d1962!important;}


/* More Button Hover Color */
.xg_module_foot .see_more_cta:hover{    background-color: #14258f!important;}


If you would like to change the border colors for your thumbnails throughout the site, try this:


/* Lightborder Color Change */
.xg_theme .xg_lightborder {border-color:#c5c5d1;}


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Fantastic! Thanks!
great tip, but i would actually love to know how to reduce the size of the ridiculously large button. Thanks

Hey Schmooze,


You can add these to the border code and adjust as needed:


padding: 2px!important;margin: 4px!important;height: 30px !important;width: 200px !important;



Good job, on my to do list.

Thanks guys. I was playing around about 4 hours after I should have gone to bed. Let me know if something is broken.

Sleep deprivation= delirium (explains the whole violations to VIP Jen)





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