How To Customize / Add Text to Sign Up Page and Example:

  1. Go to Manage/Language Editor, and select your language.
  2. Be sure to give the page time to completely load, to ensure you select the correct language.
  3. MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL NETWORK (this should work for Public/Membership Approval, and Private/Anyone can apply): If your Network has been set to "Approve Members", search on this exact string: "Apply for membership now. If you're already a member, <a %s>sign in</a>." without the quotes.
  4. NO MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL NETWORK: If your Network has NOT been set to "Approve Members", search on this exact string: "Already a member? <a %s>Click here to sign in</a>." without the quotes.
  5. The Ning Directory example uses #3 - Membership Approval Sign Up Page.
  6. You will see a box in the right column that contains the search string you entered. This is where you want to add your custom content.
  7. Add your custom text. Be sure to keep the "Apply for membership now. If you're already a member, <a %s>sign in</a>.", or the "Already a member? <a %s>Click here to sign in</a>." syntax, without the quotes. The safest bet: add your custom text below the special line.
  8. Click on Save.

  • Test this on a test site first. Be sure to access your Sign Up page on the test site, to see your results.
  • See attached text/HTML file. It's fairly extreme, but will give you the exact text/HTML it took, to create the Sign Up page on the Ning Directory. You'll notice, I alter the "Apply for membership now. If you're already a member, <a %s>sign in</a>." line.
  • Bottom line: you can add simple text with HTML attributes, via this Language Editor box. Be sure to keep the original line of code.

I keep my HTML in a file on my computer, tweak and get it ready, then I add to the language

Good Luck,

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Hi all ladies and guys ,
I also like to change the " Background " or simply only the " Header " of my SIGN-IN and SIGN-UP PAGES, what i like is simply let appear my MAIN PAGE HEADER on TOP LEFT margin of the SIGN-IN and SIGN-UP Pages,.. my site name is - i already costomized the TEXT by using the Language Editor to do that, but i like to take out the HEADER IMAGE and like to let it appear as on ALL other NETWORK pages on top, does anyone can help me, and tell me how to do that ?
Note : my header images is NOT only 945px - so I could NOT USE the APPEARANCE section to upload HEADER IMAGE...

thank guys and ladies for you help or tipps on that issue are the 2 mockup that will show what we like to do or to have ...see attached files ..

The way you have done this, is the best way for now. And, it looks great - - GREAT JOB!
after i subscribed NING Plus,mine disappeared.but the codes are still in the language editor.
That's interesting. Thank you for letting us know.
Excellent loooove it Jen!

Hi Alex Brandon, I couldn't reply to the thread about the signup page tip, the thread was too deep and no reply button. It's been a long time since I used that tip. It only works on public site (see tip title), is yours private? However, there should either be a tip I've written for private, or a way to do it by searching on the appropriate search words. Go to your sign-up page and see if you have words that you can target within the language editor.


Oh, also, you may have to wait a few minutes for signed-out to catch up with signed-in, the caching...

Let me know if you can't,


It looks great. The links only work over the icons though. I found that confusing, sorry to say. But truly, looks great. I'm using FireFox.



Good deal, good decision. ;-)



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