This is a very simple, and sweet little tip. You can add borders (outline) to your sub-menu items, by adding the following CSS to Manage/Appearance/Advanced CSS. See example on Ning Directory for "double" border with 3 px for spacing, and very light in color - - Example #2.

Example #1:
#xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab ul li a {border:1px dotted #EFEFEF;}

Example #2:
#xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab ul li a { border:3px double #EFEFEF;}

  • Change the # hexadecimal color, to the color of your choice.
  • You can change the attribute for type of border, to: solid, dashed, dotted or double.
  • If you use the double, you may want to make the border size around 3px.

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Thanks Jen I'll try them out tonight
Thank you. I have tried out it just now.
thanks to your immediate response ..
Love it Thanks Heaps Very sharp I try the double
Hi Everyone!
Glad you liked the tip. ;-)
Great! thanks Jen. :)
Cool Damen, and my pleasure.
Sounds like you like it, cool.
I love it thanks Jen!
Glad you like it!
I love this tip, I might add that using w3schools, you can add some flair to this,

#xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab ul li a { border:3px groove #EFEFEF;}

which gives it a 3d picture frame effect.



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