Hello NC's...

First, let me say that I am so disappointed in this decision by Ning. I run a free network, and although small, I've put a lot of heart and time into it. I feel like crying over this.

Anyways, I used to have a site on Webs.com. The reason I left is because they don't support Google indexing, and someone had told me about Ning. Once I changed over to Ning, I was hooked. But now I must find a new platform because I am so poor, I simply cannot afford to pay any premium fees. Even real cheap ones. If I could, then I would already be on another hosting company.

Webs has many features similar to Ning. Forums, blogs, forms (which is something that Ning doesn't currently have), photos, videos, etc. The only drawback for network members, is that Webs' member pages are very small, and can't be customized (kinda like Facebook, but even smaller). I'm afraid my members won't like this. However, Webs has a lot of stuff you can do--including running your own ads on the side bar--and it's easy to create. They have some really nice pre-made themes too.

One big drawback...you can't be indexed by Google. But if you are just running a small, homegrown network where numbers aren't the goal, and members join via word of mouth, or invitations, then Google indexing might not be as important to you. Also, you can place links on Ning networks that you belong to, or just about anywhere on the web.

Spruz just doesn't appeal to me, and I'm looking for a viable alternative FAST! Please give me your input about Webs.com, if you have one.

Thanks, and good luck to everyone...

Ann Marie : )

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I like it. I am there with 2 sites. My own and one I am on. Seems easy to use. I will be moving my other sites over to there or spruz.com this weekend. Or use both.
Thanks...good idea.
It's cool!! But I like http://wackwall.com/ better. Is very simple to use. A lot like ning. I like the best feature is it take a css codes.
Thanks for your input Douglas...I will go check it out now.
What I like about Webs.com is their network changes only happen occasionally. Maybe every two years are so, and they are always improvements you are happy to see. I was there for about 2 years and am considering changing there also.

If you check their Templates out, you will find a template that offers a wider format for membership profiles as well as the entire network look. I thought their templates were all small too, until I decided to go through each of them to find out. Check it out, they have some. I also like the fact, that if you decided to go premium, their costs are way affordable! Down Side: Small Bandwidth For Free Accounts - Can Be Shut Out Once You Exceed It
I have one on webs since last year - photo website - it is fine, has a lot of features and possibilities to customize.
Yesterday I created a test one on Spruz though and I must say that for what I need it seems to be better.
I'm checking out BIG TENT Lookg good so far
Have a look and see
Dreamcatchers {{{ HUGS }}}
Big tent is a good place to host a group, its not exactly community software as such. We all need different things and hopefully big tents a good home for you.

I must admit I just looked at the site, but could see that its no good for me as I want more than a group service. One that I can take dot com and practically make the coffee.
I am trialing out webs at this moment, I found some limitations and now looking at ways of getting around them as I want a front page for a news community site. Still working on the problem, but webs is easy to use and it could be just the job for many developers others will find limitations its all according to what type of community you want.
Well said everyone! I am getting so many suggestions now, it's hard to make a decision! But as Babel Fish mentioned, we each need to figure out what our particular needs are, and find the platform that's right for us. I guess making a fresh start is kind of exciting in a way...except for all of the work to move things ;-)

Thanks for your input...I am checking out all the platforms mentioned here.
I use WEBS for my on-line school but I only use it because Ning was cumbersome when you want to create a community inside a community. I am happy with what I have set up so far. I am just waiting on going premium because I am sure I am going to need the bandwidth. I think even if there is no change in the premium costs here on NING, I will probably keep my school here. Will have to see how it goes.



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