Well, that's Ning and the New World Order finding any way to rip us off as usual.

They are taking control of the Internet, we may as well go back to the old crystal radio sets to communicate, but I think they are making it illegal to use anything such thing that is not digital which they can control and switch off at any time.

Ning has always regarded us as 'employees' without 'pay' to promote their service.

I doubt we will see anything in respect of an apology from them for our hard work, or the offer of a permanent discount on their future Premium Services for the current Network Operators (all of us) that have built Ning.

It took us Network Operators to become involved through hard work on our individual sites, without which Ning would have failed, to get Ning the to the stage it is today.

Thanks Ning for 'mugging' thousands of people!

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It is very sad indeed........so much hard work is not the word, I unfortunately never saw this coming I always pictured NING as being apart from the corporate negative ones I always though they would put customers first and find a way to collaborate with the members on raising more money so that NING could provide better service, this change is sad but change does not always have to be bad this could lead our communities to a better place you never know...just keep a positive outlook and remember who is the true creator of everything ;) you!....as Gandhi once said: No one can hurt me with out my permission and it is true I believe because well they will lose out in the end and you and I will continue paths...and say it with me the NWO has lost :D...I always say that on a daily basis to manifest the S&*^ out of it :P

Good luck my friend with all your future endeavors.
Here here!!
l wish that this did not happen and why happen now, why suspended creators as spammers, then find out that the free accounts will be closing. Ning does not want a social network but a business network. l would like to call them anmes but it would not show up on here, but l still can call then names in my own home, Well, until the new world order have some way of shutting me up in my own home. And remember that Obama has network control toooooooo. l think he is the first president that had that ever
I second the Here! Here!
No worries we will all succeed one way or another that is for sure because our spirit is eternal and our might indestructible!

OK a bit cheesy I know lol
Sounds great to me, not cheesy at all. We will over come and suceed. This is the storm cloud and there is always a silver lining around the cloud after the storm.
I agree! Am shocked and disappointed by this move by Ning. But, someone else will benefit from all the networks Ning will lose, and then that company will grow. I only hope that the other "free" platforms stay free, and don't do the same thing as Ning has done in the future.



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