I am sure liking this new site at Spruz.com it is so easy to set up a network and so far I this it looks awesome.


I am slowly moving my stuff from the old site ( http://hotsprings-bc-canada.ning.com/ ). Hope you come join me there!


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It looks nice, Was it easy to make the site?
Easier than Ning so far! =)
Great! Thanks for your answer. I've been reading all of the alternatives here, and checking out the different platforms. Your site on Spruz looks awesome. Plus, they are being very welcoming to Ning creators.

I think I will switch there if I can figure it out. Thanks a bunch!
I think this is going to be an exciting time for us. Spruz has some great features ie: drag and drop, handy widgets and gizmos you can easily add and remove. Slide things around it is so easy. Groups you have the same features as here. Photos easily can be shared in the groups. add modules in the layout of groups too.

Liking it much!

I agree...your site looks good. Same question too: Was it difficult to create?
Spruz welcomes Ning Creators with Open Arms
Spruz One of the oldest DIY Social Networking Companies and is the close match for disenfranchised Ning Creators

Spruz Social Websites and Networks

Spruz Social Websites and Networks

PR Log (Press Release) – Apr 16, 2010 – KNOXVILLE, TN, April 16, 2010 – Knoxville-based Spruz, Inc. (www.spruz.com), the developer of a technology platform that enables users to build highly-customized social networking websites, announced today that it welcomes Ning Creators in light of recent News from Ning CEO Jason Rosenthal “Existing free (NING) networks will have the opportunity to either convert to paying for premium services, or transition off of Ning.”
“Spruz has always been the next best choice for Ning Creators” said Jay Roberts, Spruz, Inc. President and CEO, who founded the company in March 2007 with David Furman. “Ning users will find many of the same features they are used to on their Ning Network.”
GTL Networks (Guy),
Good luck on your new platform. Keep us posted. Feel free to keep your account on this site, and advertise just as you did when on Ning. ;-)
Best to you,
You guys here are awesome!

Thanks! =)
awww, thanks Guy! We have so many wonderful friends on this site, don't we?
I've already checked all the possible site to be an alternative to ning, and i think, grou.ps would be the best choice to do.


To all ning networks creator who are longing for a free service, i think we should consider this:

the Storage and the Bandwidth that other site offered!

we should be aware with this kind of service, ning's offer with a 10GB storage by default, which the grou.ps offers the same as ning, spruz has only 100MB storage by default which is very small data storage, grouply acts the same offers to give with only 100MB storage by default.

Correct me if I'm wrong with my findings!

Note: check first all the services that others offers you, may be, i don't know they are taking advantage of what we are being through with ning right now.

in addition you can check mixxt if you want, that was my second option..

I like the 10GB capacity that others will offer, how about wackwall anybody knows about their storage capacity t.y.



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