PART 2 : 3rd Party Commenting + Ning Latest Activity Sync : Killer Tip for more Engagement on your Network

Hi Guys,

I recently gave a Tip on how to Add a 3rd Party Comment Interigation on your Blogs, Videos, Photos & Forums using disqus.

For those who missed this Tip go here.

So what if that 3rd party Commenting System was part of your Latest Activity ? Its Possible...See below :

How did i do this ? ...Well, its 4 very simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have activated and using Social Feeds ( Twitter / Facebook ) on your Network which can be found here :
  2. Make sure you've linked your Social Accounts / Service on your Disqus Profile, example below of which can be found here : 

     3. Then Click Edit profile, the below should appear :

    4. Once you linked these accounts make sure you go to this page on Disqus where your 

        Social Interigation settings are :

        And then select all shown on the image below and save changes

And that's it, so when you comment and someone comments back on your comment or article or whatever post it will automatically at a Twitter mention of which will be picked up by your ning network that will show on your latest activity.

So when someone click your mention it wont take them to Twitter but to your Ning page or where the Comment was made of which helps you keep your traffick instead of taking it to twitter, it will re-direct back to your site's page where the comment is :) .

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