If you want the quick share links move to the bottom status feed:

Add these in Advanced CSS:


/* status feed module */

.xg_status_wrapper{position: relative;}

/* quick-add links bar */

.xg_status_wrapper .quickadd-options-links{position: absolute;
 bottom:2.5em; right:0;}

/* space above of the share button */

.xg_status_wrapper .xj_hint_container{padding-top: 1.5em;}

/* hide share wording */

.xg_status_wrapper .list-title{display:none;}







If you want it inside the status feed input box, like Google+ style:

Use these CSS:


.xg_status_wrapper {position: relative;}

.xg_status_wrapper .quickadd-options-links{position: absolute;
 bottom:3.2em; right:1em;}

.xg_status_wrapper .input-container{padding-bottom: 1.5em !important;}

.xg_status_wrapper .list-title{display:none;}









This tips can be used with both Design Studio and old themes.

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interesting Thanks for sharing
Nice, thanks Alex. You're such a GREAT tipster!
Thanks, so happy you like it~

Note: The CSS comments block /*.............*/ are not necessary. It's for you to learn and modify the value of style. 

You can remove comments to keep page file smaller but don't suggest remove all comments or next time you don't know how to modify it. Strong recommend write your own comments that you can easily understand.

For a small site, the comments won't affect too much speed of browsing. But don't add too many comments too.


@Alex: Is possible change red color for other color (f.e.  Blue or Green)?

Hi Husky,

You can change the color of links and buttons in Design Studio. If you want to change the color of icons, please check this tip: 

Add customize icons with share links in activity feed

and pay attention to:

The codes that include the background image files should be one line non-break. You can simply download or open this share_link_icon.css and copy paste. Same CSS code as above.

If you want to change the color of icons, just change background image file name. For example, 





for xg_sprite-3366FF.png , the color is #3366FF. Use Capital.




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