Ning Pros! New File Manager: Upload Files and Make a Splash with a Custom Main Page!

I have to admit, this isn't what I was hoping for, but still a fantastic new feature for Pro Ning Networks! Finally, if you don't have WebDav access from the old days, you can NOW create a Splash page for your Ning Network!

Original Announcement on the Ning Creator Site:

Basically, Ning has added a new feature called the Ning File Manager. You can add files to your Ning Network via the Dashboard: My Network/Content/File Manager

You can then assign your new file as your home page, or Splash page! For example, let's say you want your members to see an opening entrance page, this feature will enable you to do just that!

The possibilities of creativity are endless. Have fun!

Advanced Web Masters (This does not work like a standard FTP - File Transfer Protocol) - -  The only catch here is: You cannot edit a file, upload the file again, and not have to either (1) change the file path in code, or (2) reassign a Custom Link. From what I'm looking at, I believe you can reassign a Custom Link to your new uploaded file, and this would at least save the laborious step of having to change the file path in code like js, or in the Custom Code Box. Please let me know if you agree.

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Sounds like a good plan to me. Don't be surprised if you still see the S4N text box, with edit button. But, I think if you do, and you sign out, you won't see it.

Keep us posted,
I did not see it. But I am just starting on design of a main custom page, today. It will take a bit of effort. But my model will be this page which I have already done for a non profit...
That will be the template. Carnival stuff in the center column, other entertainment news on the left and advertising and other pertinent stuff on the right in more narrow columns.
The answer on the s4n magic text box is to turn most of the stuff off, since most have all been made unnecessary by some new jquery and css changes. I still am agonizing about the rotating whos online, though.
Good luck with your new page, the template looks like a good one to use.

On the rotating who's online, not working or what? It's working fine here (the simple version) on the member page.

it's great approach Ning but pros are expensive for me .
a file manager without a file directory is useless -and why I should install or create a splash or new home page for my network? I am still waiting that Ning would update the invite page - and the event calendar - i have posted it on creators several times - but i am going mad about it that ning waste their time with such these kind of improvements. always i can upload files to my network - all these uploads generate this long link - so i can upload content and save these urls in a special txt file. i don't need this manager .... because it is not a manager - it is only a useless storage. or maybe i haven't get the sense of this improvement. please tell me for what i can use it to improve the functionality of my network.
I agree Jens. But those NCs who do not have WebDav, which is the majority, this at least allows them a little functionality. Keep in mind, this is taken in steps. I believe Ning, and have all but been told this - - will improve upon the file manager in steps, and eventually it will become a full fledged file manager similar to standard FTP.

Not sure what you're waiting on for invite and event calendar. What's that about? Just curious.

Have a great weekend! I'll be gone a lot this weekend, so will catch up with you next week, if you answer this.

yes, i understand it as one step to improvements. but actually it is al little bit silly. for what i need a splash page. that will looks nice maybe but will confuse my members and visitors and maybe google SEO too.

2009 ning announced that they would like to improve this page. they launched before a new invite page ... but brought back the older version. so okay ... this invite page is too small - i can 't invite with one tag people from germany only ... and .... stupid -

event calender: not only export of the event data by rss and upload to outlook or iCal - the way from iCal and outlook calendar is needed - and sure that i don't have to change the event types - members should use only a hook - enable event types ... and that they are not forced to use so much required items to publish their concert events ....

have a nice weekend too
all the best
Hi Jen
I would like to run my own classified by ( Do I need to upgrade to Pro to do that?
If you are on Plus, upgrading to Pro will not make a difference on this type of move. You will need to have your own file server to upload these files, regardless.
Hope that helps,
Thank you Jen

using wix and copied the code then saved it in documents as html file from there i uploaded it to file manager and done the necessary changes to the in tab manger but the height x width are wrong i tried increasing it as in the example below, all i want it to do is fit flush in my screen tnks jen.


Sorry, your question is too custom for me to try and fix. I only answer questions free (when I know them) for generic type situations. Don't get me wrong, though. If I could glance, and give you an answer, I'd be happy to. Maybe one of our members who have experience with Wix and splash pages will help out. I hope so. ;-)





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