Jen's Tips Go Wild! Premium Access to Searchable Database Coming Soon!

Jen's Tips Go Wild! Coming Soon!


Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on a Special Searchable Tip Database/List  (One-Time Access Fee) that will contain and enable the following:


Overview: The purpose of the Tip Database/List is to empower you to find the links to the JenSocial tip pages, quickly and efficiently.


With your one-time paid access, you will also receive a special Premium Tip each month. 


The built-in Searchable List is 100% effective and works everytime, and on any field. The tips are Categorized, Columns can be Sorted, you can create Sub-Lists for later use, and more.

More Details:

  • Searchable List - No more confusion trying to wade through so many Tips! Find exactly what you want, NOW - - Quick and Easy!
  • The Database List will include the links to all Ning and General Tips on JenSocial, in an ORGANIZED LIST!
  • The list will work very much like a spreadsheet with rows and columns.
  • The list is compact, and contains the links to the tips on JenSocial.
  • The list will also contain some tips that have attached PDF files. These are the premium tips that have not been published anywhere else, not in Jen's way, at least. ;-)
  • The list is private, and only accessible by email invitation.
  • The Tips are in Categories!
  • Ability to Create Sub-Lists - For example, let's say you want to use several tips that show you how to add scrollbars to Ning modules; you will be able to search on the word "scroll". And, every Tip that contains this keyword will be returned in your results. You will then be able to create a sub-list of the results, that you can refer to at a later date.
  • Column Sorts - Click on top of any Column and sort the list of tips by Column Header
  • Filter Tips by Tip Category, or any field - - and save a sub-list.
  • Print list


If you are interested in the progress of the special database list of the Tips on JenSocial, please reply to this discussion.


You're going to love it! I'm already using what is completed.


I'll update this discussion, when I'm closer to completion.


Best Regards,


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Have a great weekend yourself, Jen. =)

Cool...Good idea, count me in.

I'm in, Jen. I have learned quite a bit from you. 

Always Interested...Thanks Jen

Anthony, Rescue Resource Collective, and Drilling Ahead!

Thanks so much for checking the discussion out, and your comments. I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend,


im interested in it i have so many of your tips on my network, thank you yes im very interested,love this network


Thanks for commenting! Have a nice Sunday.




Good Luck Jen ! :D

I am interested ! 



l am interested in this, Jen. Is this a one payment or a monthly payment at one set fee?

She says a one time payment, FL.

Thank you, l see that now.



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