Jen! Do you have a tip for adding a module/html text box above groups and forum pages?

Hi Jen

Long time no speak!

We are still on NING 2 would you believe as we await migration!

I was wondering if you have a VIP Tip (ie happy to pay) for how to add a Custom HTML text box on the top of a Forum or Group Page

If you look at this page on our site we have created a list of groups which relate to Advocacy Work
Its all hand coded!
At the top of the page you will see a banner 'Advocating for a Safe World'
We would like to be able to add this banner at the top of all the Advocacy Groups 'pages'
We would also like to be able to add a banner at the top of our Forums Page

I am sure I remember that you had somesuch thing way back when!


Andrew and the Safe World for Women Team

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Nice to see you! I did a search through the VIP tips, and didn't find this specific request, searched for some time. Plus, you need to be real specific. For example on the Forums, would you want to show the HTML only at top of this page?

And where exactly? Above the word "Topics"?

OR, at top of every discussion?

This would be a custom scripting project, small, but would need more information from you. It's $75 per hour for scripting, $60 for you and your purpose. If you're interested in moving forward, please write me at: ningcustomdesigns[at] Or, maybe someone will have time to get with you, and write the code. I tried to throw some code together, and didn't have the best of luck. Because the content you want to add is a little more than you want to add using a simple JavaScript .before () method. I'm thinking it needs to be injected with an .innerHTML.

Best to you as always,


P.S. I will let TJ know about this, too. He's quicker and much more experienced with this sort of scripting, than I am.

Hi Jen
Very embarrassing - I suddenly found this email in my Junk box!
First of all - so good to see you are still alive and kicking!
I am wondering whether I should actually wait with this...
I explain!
Our network is still on Ning2 and last week I asked Ning about migrating to Ning3.
Yesterday I got a message from them saying that they had started the process and sent me a temp site with the migration on it.
I quickly realised there was about a weeks work involved in trying to get our site working properly if I switched over now! And cancelled the migration.
Having seen what might happen with the migration to NING3 I really am not sure diving into any major changes right now is a good plan!

In fact the migration is scaring the pants off me (well not really) having done a Joomla migrate last year - this I am sure is like kitten-feed.

Anyway - was great to hear from you and once the migrate process is a little more 'user friendly' then lets talk about this again

Hugs from Chris to you


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for updating us. Would you mind emailing me that template from Ning? ningcustomdesign[at]yahoo - - I haven't seen it yet, and would love to see what's needed for migration. If you can't, no problem.

On your header and code, if you change your mind, I think TJ can write you some quick code at a very reasonable fee.

Hi to Chris!

Hugs to you and Chris!!!!!


I think its better I write privately to you about the experience I had.
Unfortunately the temp link they sent is no longer available as I declined to continue!
What's the best way to communicate privately?


(Chris is out getting polished up for the Awards ceremony on Thursday. To match my Dinner Jacket and Bow Tie!
(When we heard we had been shortlisted we had to go and find out what a 'Black Tie Event' was!)


Re Header Code - I will follow up with TJ - out of interests sake has he/she tried migrating to Ning 3?

Ah got your email addy just realised



Hope you are checking your new Twitter account!
Someone here just tweeted you (and Jazzi girl) out to 37k followers

Huge hugs

Andrew and Chris

Hi Andrew,

I def am, but haven't yet, today. Thanks! Love my Jazzi Girl. =) To say she's a mess, an understatement!


Isn't that the nature of the beasts?
The more messy - the more loveable!


Definitely! Thank you for your kind and generous support over the years. Appreciate you and Chris, much!


Hi Andrew,

Jen referred your question to me.  I looked at your site and I can help you do what you want to do.  I invite you to contact me at TJ[at] so we can work out the details and I'll give you a fee that I think you will find to be reasonable.

Thanks and best wishes!


Good to hear from you

I just found all the replies from this question were in my junk mail folder!
If you don't mind - can you look at my reply to Jen above!
I think I need to wait until we are NING 3 sorted before touching on any custom scripting.


Hi Andrew,

I just got caught up!  Thanks for letting us know of your experience and your plans.  Best wishes to you and your site!




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