In the midst of the Ning Storm, What’s Your Next Move? We would love to hear from you.

On April 15, 2010, the new CEO (Jason Rosenthal) of Ning Social Networks made a fairly shocking announcement: Ning will start "phasing out free Ning Networks". ...more

In the past 2 years, Ning has become one of the Industry leaders in Social Community platforms - - enabling just about anyone to create a free Social Network of their own - - with members and a full featured Online Community.

This has been a devastating blow for a lot of small networks who can't possibly see their way clear, to pay a monthly service fee. And some of this is not just affordability to a lot of Network Creators who own free sites, but accountability and principle - - doing the right thing. Many of the free sites have been built-up over years, with more passion than one can possibly imagine. There are free sites on just about any topic imaginable - - sites like: family sites, school sports, art, environmental, church, support sites, educational sites, sites for: pets, helping find abducted children, memorial, and tons of grass-roots type causes and non-profit sites. So, it has been a shocking experience for many. And, it's not over yet.

On the other side of the coin, simply stated: for most Ning Network Owners already paying for premium services, this is a relief and great news.  Especially in regards to adding more value to their Networks - - the New Ning will possibly mean a true white label, less cross-breeding, and a chance to present Social Networks as their "own", as a real independent business, instead of "just another Ning". There are a lot of Advertisers that will not buy Ad Space from Ning Networks. It's just a fact. But, that should change too.

A lot has happened since the first announcement. For one, following the 2nd announcement on April 16, 2010 - - the much awaited Premium Package/Plans were announced on May 4, 2010. ...more

There have been tons of heated discussions going on, here on the Directory, Ning's Creator site, Spruz sites like the new Ning Refugees, and discussions taking place all over the Internet from TechCrunch to the Times. There has been a lot of screaming, loss of sleep, and even petitions. News headlines have been hopping with news about Ning, both positive and negative. Ning Competitors have been working overtime, making platform plans, changes, press releases etc...trying to offer the free Ning Networks a new home for those who can't stay on Ning.

Network Creators of free Ning Networks have been scrambling, trying to figure out what's next. So, what happens to networks whose owners don’t want to pay, can't pay, or don’t qualify for the educational sponsorship (announced with plans)?...more The Network Owners of these free Ning sites are in the process of trying to figure out an exit plan, looking for alternative platforms, and all within thirty days of the new plans’ arrival in July. Ning CEO, Jason Rosenthal makes promises of a “clear migration path...”  But no one knows yet, what will actually be available for export. And most importantly, how will the exported data/content be utilized on other platforms?

What is your next move?
  • Will you stay with Ning and upgrade to premium?
  • Will you move to another platform?
  • Are you still trying to make a decision?
  • Will you delete your Ning Network, and hope to forget the whole experience?

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Oh I forgot something. Janettee, did you see this? It'll give you a chuckle if you haven't.
Night:) That's funny:)
I have moved to spruz. Someone has been trying to tell me that the Mini ning is only limited to 150 member at the $2.95 a month...tho it looks to me like either $2.95 or $199.95 has a limit of 150 members.
Economic reality time... Is a platform like Ning worthy of being compenstated for the service provided? IF not, creators will leave. You can always try to do it yourself.. spend hundreds of hours trying to replicate this platform... (good luck).. or go to one of the other free services (and risk the same economic realities down the road).

If you produce content deemed "valuable" to an audience, using a platform/service which someone has to pay for, it is entirely reasonable to help underwrite the cost incurred to maintain and improve that platform. It's the way the world works... there is nothing for free, despite what someone may claim.

With a Ning group of 400+, $200/year for use of the Ning platform is, simply put, a bargain- especially if more enhancements actually come to pass. If you have, for example, 400 members- to break even you need to generate 50 cents/year per member in revenues.

The world will not end due this small, and quite reasonable, effort to cover costs and provide funds to further enhance the platform. It's a bargain.

The 50 cents a year per member, is a good way to think about it. You've made some good points. I can understand both sides of this.
Thanks for your input.
I agree with your sentiments (admirably expressed!) - you and I may well be amongst the minority but, like you, I am in no way put off because Ning have decided to make a small, and perfectly justified, payment. It most certainly is a bargain!

I am the creator of a Ning site which has in excess of 10,000 members. I know, in advance, that I would cause considerable unrest amongst many of my members if I tried to levy a small monthly charge to continue their membership.

However, even before Ning decided to request payments I have identified ways in which I can create a financial stream to keep me solvent, so to speak!

In my lengthy experience (spanning 20 years) on the internet I have discovered that FREE does not always equate to BEST - and I am certain that Ning will be rolling out several interesting new applications once July comes.


Based on the Ning Conference calls, I think even the Plus is pretty darn impressive. I don't think a lot of people have been able to take the time to really absorb what they would receive - - due to unrest and anxiety. I think the biggest issue with most free sites is the way the message was initially delivered.

Regardless, a no-brainer for premium sites and awesome features. I'm writing a new forum discussion about what I got from the Conference call I attended (same one you did). I would love for you to add to what I "got from it". I'm waiting for a confirmation from Ning on 2 little things, and then I'll open it up for Discussion.

Best to you as always - - my friend Robert!
Well, you probably didn't miss anything at the end. The best part, and most information was provided by John in the beginning of the call - - still waiting on Ning to answer my questions. ;-)
I was on a conference call too so looking forward to the new discussion about these calls.
Hi ABCD in Action,
We would love to hear your take on the conference call. Here's mine:
I've moved my network back to my own site with JomSocial. I started looking into different options the day Ning announced they were cutting out the free networks. I had started a free one, and had planned to get the domain option now I'm glad I didn't. I had a lot of bugs in the last few months that I started with ning. :-(
JomSocial isn't perfect, but I like it and I like the new features that are coming out this year to!
I am leaving Ning! I too refuse to be bullied into upgrading. I found a site that will do just fine and if I choose to upgrade it will be exactly that a "Choice"! I moved one to and the other to Spruz. I may be making one more transition and moving the social go to Spruz! :)

Adios Ning!



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