How Will Ning's Move, To Phase Out Free Networks, Effect You?

I think it would be interesting to hear, how will Ning's decision to "phase out free networks", effect you?

Please be respectful of our readers, and each other. But, do feel free to tell your story.

Maybe some of the stories will bring Network Creators together, and some partnerships can be formed.

Or maybe someone has a way to help a fellow Creator, even if just a small gesture.


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I am very disappointed. I have a site called "Write Now!" which has alot of talented writers. We just had a book published, titled "The Poet's Eye". Now after putting alot of work into a "free" site, I have been forced to start all over on another network.
It's truly a shame that someone comes in and just destroys all of your efforts.
I have had a premium site from the beginning two years ago. I pay for everything they offer. I pay for SiteSuites, and I pay Skysa (same as Spruz) for the cool bar at the bottom of my ning site. I have my own domain name, extra bandwidth, remove ads, yada yada yada. I am curious to see what scripts NING will take away and how much "premium" prices will go up. And I don't make money on my site...I ask for donations for a membership of almost 1800 people...and you know the might get 5% that will be willing to help out financially. I am willing to spend a little money a month on a site that is not making money, but I hope NING doesn't expect all of the "allowed" sites in their new system to be money-makers. Making money on a NING site is really difficult because you really don't own your site, or content and everywhere you look members are referred to NING.
I have started my own membership site and yes, that costs money too. And if my membership has to start from scratch again, so be it. My members who are active know where to find me either place. I also have created three other Ning sites that are not premium. I am taking them down very shortly. If Ning raises the premium rates or starts charging larger fees, then I have no choice but to say adios because my site is already in the red and has been for two years.

My statistics below regarding my site....this is a lot of member activity, photos and memories that would be lost.
1794 Members
73 Groups
167 Events
979 Discussions
454 Blog posts
14987 Photos
305 Videos
1186 Music Tracks
I have a question, if you are paying for extra storage and bandwidth, is your site considered a premium site? And I am hoping they change their minds about phasing out free networks. People who are just starting out and learning how to create their own website(s) will not want to pay right off the bat. I also have a site on Spruz and it is not as good a platform as Ning has here, but hey, it's free!
I wish I knew. There are different "premium" areas, four or five, so what makes a premium site?
I'd really love to get an answer, lol.
i feel very sadden'd by this whole thing I have 5 sites here on ning and my no#1 site ive had for 2 years and hvae over 1000 members, i wish i had the money to stay on ning but i dont so ive moved to and and so far i like both but myfanwebsite is better you can acually put groups on it and add an image for your profile background its kinda like ning but not as good as ning, but if my members feel that the sites are woth saving they will donate just a dollar a month and we will be able to stay here, ning will find that they have bit themselve in the buttocks lol
With 16 sites on Ning...this is clearly stunning. What's most difficult for us is that we utilize Ning sites for our business and have spent the better part of the past 6-8 months learning. I don't think we can convert the smaller sites (regionals) into groups onto the main site (national) without the ability to add tabs in the would we link up all that data???
Clearly the not knowing of what the costs are going to be is the worst part of the waiting.
The other sites...such as Spruz, do not seem to have the same functionality regarding tabs as Ning.
And of course....who wants to do all that learning again?
"(...) What's most difficult for us is that we utilize Ning sites for our business (...)"

Really? You do? And still you don't want to pay for Ning? In other words: you want Ning to continue financing part of your business? Very clever!

Jaap Verduijn.
Yes, Spruz is not very user friendly. Although they have a lot more features on their platform than Ning does. You've just gotta learn how to use them. I don't like their profile editor one bit!
I feel crushed. Like the rug was pulled out from underneath me. I know times are tough in this economy, but ning could have figured out a way so that those of us that can't pay to host or stay can stay. LIke ad advertiments. Other sites do and they are flourishing.
This just breaks my heart all the effort I put into not just my Friends of Angela Lansbury site, but others I created in the last few weeks.
The powers that be at ning didn't do their homework.
"(...) The powers that be at ning didn't do their homework (...)"

They probably did - you just don't like what they learned.

Jaap Verduijn.
I began a site with NING over 2 years ago, a support site for LUPUS, Fibro, and members are going to be devastated! I have had SO many tell me, that if it weren't for them finding my site, they were about done.....please re-think this!! I don't know much about computers, and you guys made it possible for others to come and join my site because it was SO easy to set up, moderate, and user friendly. I'm bummed, and I don't even want to think about telling my members. But I guess I have to. I don't have ANY money to pay for this, let alone pay for food hardly.....thanks NING for the couple good years. Not happy about this though.



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