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When a new member joins your Ning Network, they automatically receive a Welcome Email. You can customize the Welcome Email from your Language Editor.

Let's get started.  You must be careful when changing code in the Language Editor. Fortunately, Ning has a "Reset Text to Original Version" button.

TIP: Use an external editor to write your welcome message. You can use our built-in HTML WYSIWYG Editor for this purpose.

  1. Click on your Manage Tab.
  2. Click on Language Editor.
  3. Select your language (if English, make sure you select US or British versions, appropriately), by clicking on Edit next to language.
  4. In top-left search box under "Original Text – Your Language", search on "Thank you for joining." - - without the quotes.
  5. The Search will return 1 box (see above), that contains the previous search string.
  6. Insert or start typing your message text, after "Welcome to %s!"  Don't delete the %s. That contains the variable for your Network Name.
    • You can customize your email, any way you want. I'm not sure if the 2000 character limit applies in the Welcome Email. Do test your results.
    • After you have completed your message, click on SAVE.
  7. Be sure to create a test member account, and check your customized email message.

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you SAVE your edits to an external file. I save all of my Language Editor files to a folder called LanguageEditorEdits. I name each file appropriately. This will prevent you from having to re-do, in case a Ning update ever wipes it out. I've NOT had that experience. But, better safe than sorry.

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Works like a charm!! Thanks for this great tip.
Hi Jenay,
My pleasure! Glad it helped out. ;-)
Best ~ Jen

Jenay Marbury said:
Works like a charm!! Thanks for this great tip.
Does this not work anymore with the new NING?

I don't know, because I'm not on the new Ning. I was beta testing on a test site, but that particular test site stopped working. I think it's because I was in on the early testing.

If anyone else finds out, let us know.





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